Cute Kitten Feeding photos

Adorable kitten feeding pics I found:

Brown County S.P.O.T. Program
kitten feeding

Image by b_nicodemus
Unable to see animals starve, I began feeding the ‘stray’ cats that came around (neighbors cats). None were sterilized, and over the last few years, the population exploded. This spring, I decided enough was enough and gathered a couple truly feral cats up (after some blood loss on the humans part) and took them to the humane society to be euthanized. I learned that there is a sterilize and release program in Brown County, so a few days later, I collected the cats post surgery from the shelter. All in all, 7 cats spayed and neutered, 2 kittens and one cat kept by the shelter and one more kitten (and mama) to go. So, I have a cat colony on my porch now, complete with snipped ears. They provided 4 live animal traps. More about the SPOT program

kitten feeding

Image by Boyznberry
This kitten is smaller than Duchess, and she comes to visit me from time to time. She loves that I feed her. :)

Burning fake candles for the little ones
kitten feeding

Image by Tom Poes
Even though Lotje is quickly recovering from her infection, she still is not able to feed her kittens on her own. So, we have started to supplement the kittens with surrogate milk (KMR) and hope that all goes well.

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