Cute Kitten Feeding photos

Check out these kitten feeding:

Paddys eating
kitten feeding

Image by Kurt Faler
The paddy kittens finally eat on their own! Just this once. For subsequent meals they demanded a return to the syringe feeding :D

Melissa is bewildered by it all
kitten feeding

Image by Mink
She certainly did not look pregnant and last night she was running around like a mad cat playing with Tony all over the garden.

They were having fun like any kittens would.

The interesting thing is after she miscarried, and cleaned herself thoroughly, she proceeded as though nothing had happened and ran around the lawn, waiting for me to feed them.

Melissa back in July

2 Responses to “Cute Kitten Feeding photos”

  1. CatsThiefHusein says:

    my spouse and i even go up inside unit me

  2. KittensRecipe1353 says:

    Click 8-10 intended for epic Slowmotion

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