Cute Kitten Feeding photos

Check out these kitten feeding:

kitten feeding

Image by GreyHobbit
One of our kittens from way back when.
I used to feed them chunky cat food from a fork. This one sat up nicely and begged, another would climb right up my leg, and perch on my shoulder, and would have probably climbed onto my head if it would have got him closer to the fork!
This fella, in contrast, wouldn’t let you touch him at all, and only came close enough to get the food and then scurry back a safe distance with it until he was ready for more.
I really liked the wee guy all the same, and gave him his nickname because the way he stood up like this reminded me of a meerkat on the lookout, and it was kind of short for "c’mere cat", which is what I used to say to him when he ran off! :-)

kitten feeding

Image by Alabama Ed
Feeding time at the zoo!

3 Responses to “Cute Kitten Feeding photos”

  1. CatsEchoDelilah111 says:

    hallowed stool he / she seems jus such as my siamese half breed.. his brand is Homi

  2. NessKittensEtan1568 says:

    keep the kittens and cats inside your own home people

  3. CatsAunaNews says:

    My cat Cinnabar has become proof against the spraying

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