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Sophie And Her Kittens.
kitten eyes

Image by meg_williams
1. Baby Girl, 2. Gang Of Three, 3. Mama, 4. The Thinker, 5. Blue Eyes, 6. The Tiddle

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Sophie and her kittens continue to sleep on my bed in an enclosed cat bed nicknamed ‘The Pink Palace’ which is where Sophie and Lucy spent their time when they were little. Hubby and I have tried moving the kittens to various places we thought would be safe but Sophie continues to just bring them back …. stubborn she is :-)

I again apologise for the indifferent quality but The Pink Palace makes taking pictures in an airing cupboard seem like a dream !

cartoon eyes
kitten eyes

Image by TimButton
Fenton, center, is worryingly skinny. Mulan, right, is actually more deranged than she looks. She wants nothing more in life than to nibble fingers.

Love his eyes!
kitten eyes

Image by Lauren Afiya

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