cute kitten behind couch

This is Leo when he was about 2 or 3 months old. He is very playful and adventurous and got himself in between our couch and the wall. He wasn’t hurt at all, I love animals and would never record my cat being stuck or in any harmful situation. Thanks for watching and I hope this video put a smile on you’re face! :)
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25 Responses to “cute kitten behind couch”

  1. Tazzycat432 says:

    I dont get how people would say this cat could get stuck, fun fact, anywhere a cats head fits, its body can too… If its not REALLY fat. ;3

  2. Leonel Michelini says:

    Really good!!!
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  3. abysmalatrocious says:

    Our cat of 18 years passed away in September 2011. When we first got her in 1993, she was curious, and snuck behind our walls into a room being renovated (that door was closed). We couldn’t find her for a couple of days. She was never a very vocal Meow cat. However, after those two days, we heard “Meow Meow,” I opened the door to the room being renovated, out she came! I can’t believe she survived without food and water for 2 days. Must’ve just slept a lot!!

  4. 1babacan says:

    lol a year ago my both kittens where in my couch and i was searching when i heared a meow and i looked at the couch then i knew they where there lol

  5. kenze5 says:

    i was in my computer chair spinning around right after i clicked this video then i saw the kitten and i was like” ooooohh orange”

  6. TheGrinchh7 says:

    Ok. Cya around!

  7. ZeBron23 says:

    Gotta swing by the store and buy you tampons first.

  8. TheGrinchh7 says:

    Hey when are you coming over to my house?

  9. ZeBron23 says:

    So you live like in the bottom of the ocean or something?


  10. TheGrinchh7 says:

    Which is only like 3 foot drop LOL! Made my day! :) Anyway, hows your dad doing? Tell him I said hi!

  11. ZeBron23 says:

    I want you to jump off the highest bridge within 20 miles.

  12. TheGrinchh7 says:

    Yeah, I like my burgers cooked medium-rare. How about you?

  13. ZeBron23 says:

    shut the fuck up.

  14. 8Jbake8productions says:

    Look at this cute KITTEN! /watch?v=duFwyFbT55A

  15. LeNNaKo says:

    Cats just love to go to really weird places. One time my sister’s cat was missing and later we found out she was in a cupboard for several hours, maybe five hours. And she didn’t even make any noise. She just loved to hang out in there. And the other cat of my sister’s sat on a freakin’ frying pan. Thank God the pan wasn’t hot anymore when she sat on it.

  16. TheRobMargolin says:

    CAT LOVERS PLEASE HELP PLEASE TYPE IN THEROBMARGOLIN and please check out the cute rescue kittens that need great homes thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  17. rea92st says:

    That is not an cat abuse!! She was gone behind the couch by HERSELF!!!!

  18. 1319tracey says:


  19. movieditor17 says:

    Nice Cat Fight

  20. PiercedGamer says:

    How the Fuck is this animal abuse? It isn’t crying is it! My cat does this when she thinks no one is watching.

  21. mesleepy103 says:

    Ugly ghetto cat

  22. TheGrinchh7 says:

    OMG thats animal abuse! Clearly that cat isn’t happy or enjoying itself!

    Seriously, stop the animal abuse argument bullshit,

  23. Geekfreediet says:

    Soooooo cute!

  24. PrettyGirl917 says:

    wow you must be thin

  25. kayla4802 says:

    Looks like my friends cat that got stuck :U I got stuck trying to get the poor kitten out.

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