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tiger matched all the furniture : slivered (2009)
kitten age

Image by torbakhopper
my mom said something funny the one time she visited me in seattle.
this was way back in 1996.

as she entered my attic roof apartment on the top of capital hill she spotted the new kittens and exclaimed, "they match the furniture!"

i’d never really given it much thought.

i had always seen them as spirit -invested creatures, not accessories.

but i guess it helps explain why she took our family dog to be euthanized at the age of seven because "cindy" no longer went with the furniture.

this kind of behavior is popular in places like france, but it took me aback.
it seemed a bit of a betrayal to the family dog…

apparently my twin rescued her and quickly they managed to find a good home, embarrassment and shame narrowly avoided.

i wonder how many times my mom secretly dropped me?
i wonder if i matched the furniture?
i don’t think i did.

77 Days
kitten age

Image by elycefeliz
Yesterday we had a little birthday party to celebrate their eleventh week – as much for me as for them, although they did enjoy the canned cat food. They’re almost at the age where they can leave their mother – but I also am resisting the thought of separating them from each other: they’ve been so happy sleeping and playing with each other.

Someone asked me which one was my favorite – they’re all uniquely delightful, and I wish I could keep them all here – but . . .

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