cute black kitten bottle fed “dont bother me im eating”

first time bottle feeding our new kitten
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8 Responses to “cute black kitten bottle fed “dont bother me im eating””

  1. daydreamdirty says:

    it’s wrong to do that to a kitten when feeding but even still it’s cute.

  2. SariaSchala says:

    How is this wrong? She’s just feeding her kitty

  3. daydreamdirty says:

    so wrong but so funny…..

  4. CiaraXph says:

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  5. InweTaralom says:

    When I first got my cat Rusty, he was about that big, and he used to fight the bottle too.  About two or three weeks later, he was on solid kitten food. He was maybe three weeks old when I got him, and so teeny!

  6. FUZibLU3m0nst3r says:

    what a cute little kitty!!! i found a little 8 month old kitten exactly like that.! thank goodness we found someone who could take it in cuz i don’t like seeing them in the streets or in pounds.

  7. FUZibLU3m0nst3r says:

    hahahahha! thats funny! =D

  8. rayreturnz says:

    maine, if my kitten disrespected me in my hood leik that, i would of strait up checked that lil nigg, lolz

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