Cute Black-footed Cat at Brookfield Zoo

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce its newest addition, and a first for the zoo: a black-footed cat born on February 14. Although staff are now cautiously optimistic about the kitten’s future, such was not the case in the beginning. Hours after his birth, Animal Programs staff became concerned about the male kitten’s well-being because his 4-year-old mother, Cleo, appeared not to be providing proper maternal care. To ensure that he had a chance for survival, staff quickly decided to intervene and handrear the kitten at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Animal Hospital, where he received round-the-clock care. He was placed in an incubator to increase and maintain his body temperature. Now 6 weeks old and gaining weight, the kitten is being fed a milk formula from a small bottle and is starting to eat solid foods. Black-footed cats, which are classified as vulnerable on The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, is the smallest of the African felines. Guests visiting Brookfield Zoo can see the kitten’s parents, Cleo and Butch, on exhibit in The Fragile Desert. For the immediate future, the kitten will be off exhibit.
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25 Responses to “Cute Black-footed Cat at Brookfield Zoo”

  1. kittysoftpaws12 says:

    0:35 your welcome =3

  2. Allysa Smith says:

    Oh my god I’m gonna barf up a rainbow!

  3. sergeiboi says:

    i see…sigh, that’s relief :)

  4. POKIUNA says:

    no u’re not, actually takes a real man to admit there’s cuteness in stuff or live things

  5. sergeiboi says:

    am i gay if i say this cat is tooooo cute?

  6. pookus321 says:

    The cat is so cute

  7. pookus321 says:

    The cats so cute and fluffy!!!!!!!!

  8. manatoharumo says:

    he/she full of aegyo~(♥ㅊ♥)

  9. TheSleepykitten says:

    Cutest thing I have ever seen

  10. tieuwest says:

    And he was born in Feb 14 – Valentine Day. He is and will be received lots of love

  11. tieuwest says:

    OMG/ so cute. Those eyes, the fat belly, those feet, that kills me. I wish he would grow up perfectly healthy and soon go out to play with other cat. he looks lonely here

  12. GurkoKurdo says:


  13. latif2248 says:

    Cute. –”

  14. josevanreyes says:

    Come on now, no need to be racist mate

  15. ellyLOVESanimals says:

    black footed cat

  16. josevanreyes says:

    what type of cat is this?

  17. InweTaralom says:

    What an expressive little face! I love this little guy.

  18. chikavitch says:


  19. sanahawser says:

    super cuteeee!!!!!mwaaaaaaaaahhhh <3 <3

  20. evinaliu says:

    i wanna one

  21. BittersweetMarlene says:

    We were just at the zoo yesterday, this cat is ADORABLE! It’s so sad they are so rare.

  22. Norce God says:

    this cat should be cilled . I need food for my DOGS so,,, meat!!

  23. humancici says:

    Ohh….so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. SparkSpiritBlue says:

    THOSE EYES. <3

  25. TheDeadlois says:

    This made me cry because i had a cat like this that my friend stepped on and died

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