Cocopink Tribute – Party Rock Anthem

I held another contest, and Cocopink from deviantart won first place XD Again! And her prize was a vid. So she gave me a list of songs, and I had party rock anthem. She asked for a vid of her oc, Keith, her bakugan fanart, and her Black Rose Shooter fanart. XD So thats why you see brs. her fanart belongs to her, and the oc’s belong to them

6 Responses to “Cocopink Tribute – Party Rock Anthem”

  1. Sydnee Carrillo says:

    2:46 fabia is so pretty!

  2. kmsgto92 says:

    i love that song

  3. FedorBaturchik00 says:

    ебанутые пашляки…

  4. reinxshade09 says:

    i love 0:24 yeah….1:36 alice is so beautiful…4:10 yeah so cute!

  5. valbru2000 says:

    5 stars,5 of 5

  6. kidzbopbad45 says:

    nice pics

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