Coco, our 12 week old ragdoll kitten

Coco loves to play with the laser pen, she rushes around and love the way her legs go everywhere at this age!

7 Responses to “Coco, our 12 week old ragdoll kitten”

  1. wyldchyld2383 says:

    Our ragdoll is named coco too he is 5 months old

  2. tatrenton says:

    I really should upload some pics now they are older lols :)

  3. ombrefeu says:

    gotta love the way the dog’s looking dispationnately at both the dot and the kitten , he’s like ” silly kitty, you won’t be able to catch it, i know, i tried”

  4. wordywitch says:

    Very cute! I love spazzy little kittens!

  5. tatrenton says:

    LOLs… silly little critters aren’t they… just provide such entertainment though ;-)

  6. xbeckieboox says:

    so cute, my friend brought his dog to the shop i work at and i have a laser thermometer that we used to let him chase, now everytime he comes down he chases it even when its not there i think we messed his brain up lol.

  7. Tyra2206 says:

    Our own feline Stroodles bought dropped throughout People from france regarding Hunting for a few months

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