Chloe and her litter box habit

My cat and her own version of toilet paper.
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6 Responses to “Chloe and her litter box habit”

  1. TheCrazyNusha says:

    Was fearful of watching thinking may be ‘someone being cruel to a pet just to make a video’ b/c comments BUT NOT THE CASE! Chloe truly unique — my cats will drag their butt on floor when poo stuck but never ever do what Chloe does. I volunteer in a cat rescue & seen hundreds of cats .NEVER seen one like Chloe get in & out of box to wipe! You really must submit this to any contest you find – its a winner! & comments about Chloe being obese are ridiculous!

  2. anaclet says:

    What a fat animal! It’s obese.

  3. elyria59 says:

    Yes, I’m aware of that – it’s more common with dogs and it’s more gross that I have done it more than once (on dogs)! Chloe, as mentioned, has been cleared by the vet. Twice.

  4. elyria59 says:

    She’s clear - thanks for the concern. I think she just hates me cleaning her butt :)

  5. axxobunny says:

    maybe she has worms >.> did u check? cause cats who have worms rub there butt agianst the carpet XD

  6. courtney20079 says:

    Thats funny! I’ve never seen a cat do that.

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