Cat’s reaction to Kitten rides Tortoise

Kitten rides a tortoise video:

29 Responses to “Cat’s reaction to Kitten rides Tortoise”

  1. TheMeerkatSquirrel says:

    Is it sad that I reconise the music from LittleBigPlanet?

  2. Petroskeyful1 says:

    @RSVJosephV No you are not,RSV. Cats are the most intelligent and entertaining animals ever. I often think they arrived from another planet of superior beings.

  3. marwex89 says:

    Cat: “OMG, that’s the new Tortoise SLR GT with 4×4 and a heated shell! Rich bastard!”

  4. liquidSUGAAAR says:

    @RSVJosephV me2….

  5. TheWinterRose101 says:

    that freaks me out a bit
    y’know it’s wierd seeing a cat go :O

  6. HeroBragma says:

    better call it: kitty reacts at crash bandicoot song.

  7. PRObr0thers123 says:

    The only bit that would have made it better is, if we saw the Kitten rides Tortoise. Great video though

  8. 987654614 says:

    LBP music :D

  9. xxdeadskinzfanxx says:

    thats that cat’s 2 cat’s 1 cup reaction

  10. zickentammy says:

    she sees her rollin’, she’s hatin’ :D

  11. 4evaranime says:

    O.o why won’t my cat make that face??

  12. TheAnnyBritto says:

    o gato mais famoso do brasil…muito lindinho

  13. TheStephenpeters says:

    The Was My Face To When I Found Porn ;)

  14. SuperAlienXD says:

    That cats like holy shit!! How he so that

  15. MOJOBABYXO says:

    The cats like “Oh shiiiettt this is my jammm!”

  16. TaroMjrn says:

    whats the song called? I like the way it sounds, and want to hear the full one, thanks :)

  17. CaptainPie5 says:

    that cat looks baked

  18. x3abzkebabzx3 says:

    Haha that is too funny!! :)

  19. TMAN4771 says:

    the cat is like oh my god

  20. TMAN4771 says:

    so freaking cute

  21. JDub6758 says:


  22. tekneekofpain says:


  23. zanyb says:


  24. WeaselWJ says:

    @harshana48 BEASTS UNITE!

  25. harshana48 says:


  26. DiscoverMuska1361Kittens says:

    hahah exactly what a cutie!? and that pursue is just too considerably

  27. MominaKixMomina says:

    incidentally there exists a strategy to combat the particular horrid stench clean up the particular cat litter every day and put it back at least one time each month

  28. Layciees860 says:

    I recently purchased a microfiber couch along with loveseat along with our cat Sasche offers absolutely no involvement in scratch that

  29. CatstromAngie220 says:

    The pet cats enjoy these kinds of catnip laced pressboard scrape parts and never utilize your furnishings to develop their claws. We keep a several scrape protects in just about every room in addition to replace the card board places each and every few months. These people function great.

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