Cats and Birds at Hanauma Bay

I get the bird flu and lose my sunglasses at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. This is part of the Adventures in Hawaii series: Join the Zack Scott Fun Club! Main YouTube Channel Follow me on Twitter Friend me on Facebook
Video Rating: 4 / 5

They seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t they?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Cats and Birds at Hanauma Bay”

  1. dinalives says:

    hah-nah-mah bay… word

  2. robotonsteroids says:

    now i wanna buy him a new pair of sunglasses

  3. TheCardfightVanguard says:

    u should bring egon and otto

  4. HAYN8084life says:

    zack its pernounced ha-na-ma not ha-na-uma

  5. coreyf142 says:

    cool glasses

  6. grammerable says:

    1:43 bless you buddy

  7. 2brudas says:

    i went there.
    i might be going again in feburuary it would be cool to see you there

  8. OrganNLou says:

    Cats n chickens galore and sneezing!

  9. xINVISIGOTHx says:

    yeah that really sucks when it rains and you get soaking wet when you were just trying to have fun snorkeling :(

  10. Joycezg says:

    Beautiful film

  11. drawinglegogames says:


  12. bikerchic650 says:

    you lost your ring, why? payback from the bird. lol! jk

  13. TwoFace240 says:

    that sucks you lost ur sunglasses

  14. smallbro222 says:

    its 2010 …..

  15. thezacharyman100 says:

    it looked like you had like 3 scars on your face

  16. sunspot82 says:

    hmmm looks like you got mixed up with someone…oh yeah it was you!

  17. zuzuthedino2222 says:

    hawaii is da best

  18. tienshenhan86 says:

    Did you go to McDonalds, we have spam white rice and portuguese sausage with a Giant Coke! Best Hangover food evar!!! MAhalo.

  19. sunspot82 says:


  20. Nildo221 says:

    Hahahaha love the bird that was pecking you :D and by the way did you see other animals than cats ,birds and chickens?

  21. davidaznkid says:

    dude animals see something in you man lawl

  22. dafreakything says:

    I just went there, but didn’t they make you watch a cheesy video/song before entering the bay? :D Hahaha

  23. ilovejustinbieber840 says:

    this is sooooo LAME!!!

  24. bojangle100 says:

    you suck at life

  25. BakuraSpoon says:


  26. giaisabella13 says:


  27. Contreras12349 says:

    It’s like weed for cats so it should be illegal

  28. fahdkingoo says:

    Cats be trippin!

  29. skyejacques says:

    lmao!!! :D Me needs to get me some of dat!!!

  30. waaggard says:

    People uselly don’t like this comment but my family has videos that people don’t really watch so can you help by typing waaggard. Thanks for the help!

  31. nerdymom2 says:

    am i the only pperson who thinks cats are beautiful creatures? i mean there eyes……………amazing.

  32. TMNTG says:

    I Love Cats, They Truly Are One Of God’s Most Beautiful Creations!

  33. c3Rhcno says:

    Mrkatzen please tell me how catnip is bad for them “oh it makes them act differently, must be bad cause it’s a drug” stop being so naive, just because it’s not being sold by the men in white coats and been approved by the government doesn’t mean it’s bad

  34. MrKatzenellenbogen says:

    never give your cat’s a drug, and not good for the cat.Your cat get poinsend.
    You also don’t give weed ,speed, Exstasy or H or crack to your child, right?
    This is not funny.

  35. strzelce95 says:

    co ja ku*wa oglądam o godzinie 23.29 -.-
    nie jestem aż tak najebany :)

  36. wachmyvids says:

    hahahaha wtf

  37. TheTrueChuster says:

    Damn hippies…

  38. Rikiya21 says:

    They’re too much addicted than hooomannzzz… :O Btw, i cant stop laughing looking at those fucking high cats xD

  39. ClubBangerTV says:

    soooooooooooo…. shouldn’t this be illegal just as much as marijuana?

  40. Enderwave says:

    Cats high are adorable

  41. geezusispan says:

    Smoking catnip will also get humans high!!

  42. Xx44killerxX says:

    1:17 tripping song comes on!

  43. BarryDong says:

    Technically pal, there’s mo such thing as a British accent. It’s a misnomer. England is just one of the 5 countries that make up the United Kingdom. England alone possess over 20 difference accents in that specific subculture. The same can be said from the Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh also. So there’s no definitive British accent as here isn’t nor the USA.

  44. OnlyVideoGuyOnEarth says:

    @wherearemysheep1 You might think that, but the majority of people who think they can do an accent without living in the region that I’ve met are actually not that good. Especially American accents, but also English ones.

  45. wherearemysheep1 says:

    I do not understand?Why would you think one needs to go to England to learn the British accent?I’ve never been to England and i speak English with a good accent,and these types of documentaries are good for learning it.Never mind,i apologize.

  46. TheShoopDaWoop150 says:

    makes me wanna go get high haha

  47. XJrizzyX says:

    I typed In hi

  48. KDProductions2731 says:

    Thumbs up if ur hear because u typed in “hi”

  49. ReMixDiva1 says:

    WTF…Cats getting high?!? Lol….

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