Catnip Party Explosion

Some kittehs have trouble with catnip, and end up taking it out on the group. Thanks to: For more funny cats, visit
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25 Responses to “Catnip Party Explosion”

  1. ITSvoodoodollOMG says:

    Cat Minnie: TAG YOUR IT!!!
    The rest: DAFUQ!!!

  2. tspirit99 says:

    Brown cat…. one dumb ass cat!

  3. Anna13Free says:


  4. naierer says:


  5. superblahmanofdoom says:


  6. ntx7 says:

    “what just happened” asked edward scissorhands

  7. xiaolinshowdownluvr says:

    Ping pong cats! :3

  8. MySweetParadigm says:


  9. DanielaDitty says:

    Strike !!!

  10. PuLse285 says:

    you can see, he first smells his ass (thats how cat can tell what the other has been up to:P) and after that instantly attacks..

  11. xxNikkiLyric says:

    Troll cat. xD

  12. pukalele says:

    I love your house… it’s cat heaven!

  13. PokeNarutard says:


  14. misswacky99 says:

    the orange cat has no clue were to go lolz

  15. koldkilla777 says:

    “man, I’m rollin so har- fuuuuuuuuuck cops!”

  16. masterleonnoel says:

    Grey cat: WOOF
    Others: Oh shit!!

  17. DyingPetals says:

    Your brown cat impression made me laugh my ever lasting ass off!!! Thank you for making day!

  18. landau100170 says:

    that one that started it needs to leave the nip alone !LOL

  19. Nelarsen says:


  20. ruthc48 says:

    Party pooper.

  21. DoCWaSaBe says:

    gangsa cat shootout

  22. weldonwin says:

    The science kitties demonstrate neuclear fission.

    The Tabby-Grey cat plays the part of the neutron particle, colliding with the neucleus as played by the other cats. This causes the necleus to split, releasing energy. In other words TEH KITTEHS LYK ASPLODED LULZ

  23. MIND4eva says:

    cat drug party!

  24. kerriechapa210 says:

    party har

  25. electroflux says:

    Parteh! Scatter!!!

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