Cat Litter Box Furniture from The Refined Feline

Refined Cat Litter Box This beautiful wood cat litter box is both sturdy and functional. It includes hinged doors, sliding tray for litter removal, top storage drawer, and reversible walls for left or right entry. Constructed in pine wood and ply with pine veneer. Matches your home decor and hides unsightly litter trays.
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22 Responses to “Cat Litter Box Furniture from The Refined Feline”

  1. natalee89 says:

    Amazon has the Designer Catbox for $119 with free shipping. The price tag for this seems a bit unreasonable. Its a wonderful idea, the price needs to be lowered though.

  2. HarunDanyal says:

    Is there a dish of caviar inside? Does it come with a butler? Rather, a ‘litter box attendant’ for you pet cat.

  3. JTProductionFilms121 says:

    Sure, the room itself is smell free, then you open the cabinet doors and that stench hits you like a punch in the face! ew…

  4. civili5 says:

    At that price, I’d expect them to be included.

  5. RefinedKind says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment back. Yes a litter catch would be available and in the back there is a place for odor absorbers

  6. civili5 says:

    - I never said it would look like junk; only that I can make it from junk. Also, no, I’m not in your demographic if your demographic is selling ridiculously overpriced furniture and comparing it to Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc. when it is clearly more on par with the $20 furniture from Wal-Mart or Family Dollar. And $200 for a night stand is nowhere near reasonable, TYVM. Also, no built-in odor filter? No litter-catching mat to prevent litter from accumulating on it?

  7. RefinedKind says:

    LOL If you’d like furniture in your home to look like junk…. then you’re not in our demographic. If you shop of Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc… then you know $200 for a night stand is more than reasonanble.

  8. civili5 says:

    Ridiculous prices. I could build one for $20 easy with junk laying around the neighborhood =/

  9. RomanticLinguaphilia says:

    I guess they are sorta talented that way… Would be cool to see in action…

  10. RefinedKind says:

    Yup, with no problem

  11. RomanticLinguaphilia says:

    Cats really go in and out through the top?

  12. landolah says:

    Buh, buh, buh how does the kitty get out if the hole is on top? It’ll be hard because my kitties are chubby and flabby . . . :(

  13. RefinedKind says:


  14. RefinedKind says:

    Not everyone has large houses to put a litter box in a back room or basement.

  15. dglekjofg says:

    Why someone would want to place the cat’s litterbox just in the living room?

  16. Midnightryder7 says:

    good question lol

  17. LunaZorge says:

    lol kinda funny.

  18. mudkiptyler says:

    I love the cat sticking its toung at the dog!

  19. TheRefinedFeline says:

    LOL, maybe… but think it will cost only another $100 of time and effort to cut, build, and paint?

  20. larlar210 says:

    I have been dying for some of this litter furniture for ages…but it’s SOOO expensive

  21. blackbelt1123 says:

    but then won’t my living room smell like cat crap?

  22. CatsMyrtle223Ryoth says:

    Perhaps the cat isn’t aiming towards the best place all of us feel and is instead aiming for a place underneath, from chance. What i’m saying is that’s a magnificent are unsuccessful for just a cat

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