Cat Jumps From a 30 Foot Telephone Pole!!!

A lucky cat in Arizona survived a 30-foot jump through high-power lines as people screamed in the background. It was up there for 2 days
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23 Responses to “Cat Jumps From a 30 Foot Telephone Pole!!!”

  1. boombang834 says:

    Cats always land on their feet! X)

  2. Rainbowifier says:

    Like a boss

  3. joeybotch918 says:

    Press 5 for kitty bomb.

  4. carriep444471 says:

    let the boys take you, let the boys take you, EHHHGHHHH!

  5. kozmon0t says:

    Cats must really think people are stupid and mean, freaking out about long falls which they do all the time, and then locking them up for doing it

  6. kozmon0t says:

    It’s totally normal. Domestic cats’ ancestors were arboreal, like leopards, and they had to deal with falling out of trees all the time.

    You can see the way they splay their legs out when falling, they’re actually making a parachute out of their body to fall slower, and making sure they land on all fours where their bone structure is designed to absorb the shock of the impact.

    I’ve heard 20-40 feet is most dangerous for a cat. They can fall 100 feet without injury.

  7. ariwcharles says:

    Earth to Cat: Nix the catnip.

  8. TheCoolKakaMouse says:

    WTF? How can any human thing say such a sound?!


  9. ZaydDepaor says:

    I’m working on my computer and i see a grey blur go down past the window. My cat has just jumped from about 16-18ft from floor above. He seems ok thanks be to God, but I don’t want him doing it again, he is a kitten really just about 5-6months old. I looked this video up to see if its normal for cats to survive or be unharmed after falling from such heights. Seeing this cat jump from 30ft gives me hope.

  10. brandnewdude8 says:

    Crazy bitch get off the catnip

  11. 123xxt says:

    hhhhhhhhhhh you sure???

  12. DuranBros says:

    The amount of views this video got in 3 days.

  13. 123xxt says:

    What’s thaat??

  14. a7sas35 says:

    ياناس والله احيان تتمنى انك في ديرتهم قطو ولا غيره وتلقى عنايه واكرام ولا آدمي في الدول العربية

  15. SHaaaDi1982 says:

    crazy cat hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. kimberlymarie21990 says:

     Cats have balls!

  17. terminator2u4 says:

    44,414 in 3 dAYS!?

  18. kenta000007 says:

    somewhere there’s a dog saying “wow, you’re really bad at small talk.”

  19. moneyguy210 says:

    tha cat’s got balls!!

  20. caylaiscool says:

    someone autotune it!

  21. Daniea3 says:

    Awww, stubborn, proud and brave kitty!


    The CaT Was Dusted.

  23. 1soli9contro8tutti7 says:

    CRAZYY CATTTTTTT.hahahahah

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