Cat and Kitten breeds please help!!!?

Question by Dory(:: Cat and Kitten breeds please help!!!?
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I am planning on getting a kitten but which one is my question if you have any ideas like which cats you like what there breeds are where you got them from and how much they cost if you could leave all this info that would be great!!! also i would love a few ideas on names too!!! I was looking at the breed Exotic Shorthairs and long hairs and really like them so if you know any tips for me if i end up getting 1 please leave them behind also the price of them where to get them from names care and anything else you would like!!!

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I would get a mix. I have had mixed breeds growing up and I love em. Also the plus the getting a mix is less health problems. with cats and dogs pure breeds can have more problems than a mix.

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  1. maclark524 says:

    I would personally go to the shelter but if you dont thats fine i always wanted a purebread so i had to get one but i saved my other kitty and shes a doll,but ive always had a thing for Ragdoll cats, their beautiful, blue eyes and beautiful long fur but like many purebreads they can have more health problems then just domestic short.medium and long haired cats. These can range from about 250 to even 1000 dollars, depending on where you get them from. if you type in Ragdoll cat breeders and then type your city in perenthise in google you should get a few breeders in your area.

  2. super_goofychick says:

    there is no such thing as an exotic longhair… an exotic is the shorthaired variety of the persian. the long haired cats are persians.. not exotics. personally i dont like exotics or persians because they come with tons of breathing problems and a tendency to get hairballs plus they’re HEAVY shedders and require lots of grooming. prices from a good breeder are going to range from 500-1000 for a pet quality kitten (sold with a spay/neuter contract) and 1500 plus for a show quality kitten. personally i recommend the siamese or oriental shorthair to anyone looking for a wonderful companion! shelters and rescues are full of great kitties too if you dont have to have a purebred

  3. Ocimom says:

    Most ethical breeders will sell the majority of breeds for about $ 500 or better. If you find breeders that are selling way under those prices, RUN. They usually are backyard breeders with poor quality cats and don’t do any testing of their breeding cats.

    If you want a purebred, here’s a website to get you started in looking for better breeders.

    BTW Super go – there IS a longhair exotic. Its a legit breed division in CFA. Because an exotic is basically a shorthair Persian, it carrys the longhair gene and if bred to a Persian, can produce long and shorthair kittens. On the pedigree it would be classified as a longhair exotic. I show cats – I’ve seen them – they look like Persians but have one of each parent and are therefore classified as a longhair Exotic and not as a Persian.

  4. Julie C says:

    Get a BIRMAN nice natured, semi long hair so fur isn’t a problem and just beautiful.

  5. Percy-and-Penny says:

    The very best place to get your cat would be at a shelter. And rather than get a kitten – get a cat. With kittens you never know what they’ll be like as adults. They could be friendly and playful as kittens then the opposite of that once they grow up. But with cats their personality is right there before you.

    I have three cats all adopted from shelters as adults and they’re the sweetest, most loveable, most playful cats I’ve ever known. Percy, the Persian, adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter two years ago when he was 2 1/2, Penny, the Exotic Shorthair, adopted from Purrfect Pals when she was 4 last year and Mocha, the Ragamuffin who adopted this past March from Purrfect Pals when she was 3.

    Exotic Shorthairs are WONDERFUL cats. They’re super sweet and affectionate and very playful. And they have the most plush, snuggly coats. It’s no surprise that they’re often referred to as the “teddy bear” of cat breeds. If you go to you can see lots of videos of Penny the Exotic and the other cats.

  6. KittensCharmsElion29 says:

    wash ones cat once weekly

  7. Kittens2099Babe says:

    What is the method to halt cats clawing an individual? Every time they’re going in this little lap they will claw throughout the clothing ahead of that they sit on the item and it also digs into the skin, nevertheless they really don’t claw as long as they stroll above bare skin tone interestingly ample.

  8. IzCats says:

    i perhaps go up within the device me personally

  9. Kitt3n5IzzyJournal says:

    revered crap he seems to be jus like my ocicat.. his name is Shoni

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