Can you feed newborn puppies Kitten formula?

Question by JuliaxD: Can you feed newborn puppies Kitten formula?
Can you feed newborn puppies Kitten formula? My friend’s dog had her puppies but she doesn’t produce milk. What can I do?

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Answer by dawg
yes but hes a dog not a cat

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    Well you CAN. But puppy formula would be so much better. It has what the puppy needs because its specially formulated for puppies.

  2. Courtney B says:

    NO. any type of food or anything designed for cats is too rich for dogs. they make puppy formula for situations such as this. you can get it at petsmart or petco. DON’T give a dog anything made for a cat. it’s bad for their digestive systems

  3. Trish says:

    I’ve had good luck with Sav-a-Caf Multi-purpose milk replacer BUT it wasn’t my puppies only source of nutrition either. I’d be at the vet if I were your friend.

  4. RiffeesteRiffe1850 says:

    My kitten Butternut certainly not uses your the begining things I replace on him. I also have not trimmed the nails in an exceedingly long time

  5. CatsoncoGideon says:

    I like to recommend organizing the actual litter plate. If it odours to bad this time in your case, the idea scents even worse for the pet, and to become emptied

  6. LadyInayat says:

    i am okay together with russian blue cats

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