Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies w/Raptorz Part 1

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6 Responses to “Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies w/Raptorz Part 1”

  1. xXCrashBanditXx says:

    der riese

  2. InsaneTurtle45 says:

    what map

  3. blackshadow3100 says:

    Hey you know the challenge thing I do that two like pistols only special weapons only for example crossbow but yeah I’ve gotten to high rounds too but I think they should put the waw zombie weapons in the black ops maps

  4. piedude1992 says:

    Awesome video :)

  5. CaptainRaptorz says:

    They Help Me Out ;D

  6. MinecraftRevamped says:

    Good gameplay, but…

    The tags, dude. -_-

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