Bottle Feeding Newborn Kittens [4 days]

One of the newborn bottle fosters having lunch then snuggling for a bit.

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  1. KittyFosterMommy says:

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I would recommend taking a needleless syringe and feeding him by squirting the formula into his mouth. Some take a while to figure it out.
    Hope he’s okay!

  2. FrostEmpire says:

    I’ve got a kitten who can’t feed as well as yours. He doesn’t have a strong suckling reflex and hasn’t been able to drink well from his mom, and seeing your little guy in action, he hardly tries to drink from our bottle. Is there anything we can do to help him? We’ve got maybe 8mL of liquid into him since 6PM last night, and another 8 all over him because he turns away. His siblings are both fat and sassy and mom is still grooming them, but he can’t nurse =(

  3. polakpola says:

    Thank you so much! We were very nervous first, but managed it alright :) 

  4. polakpola says:

    He was one of eight and might have been born a little too early. Mama cat was only 11 months at the time giving birth.

  5. Omskanielar says:

    He looks like a miniature tiger here, and that of a (miniature) tiger is also his character, I could guess he wouldn’t have survived if he wasn’t of strong will.
    How tiny he was… you can even see the blood flow in his limbs… I wonder if he and his siblings were born a bit too early because he was so small and had very thin skin and so on, do you know something about that?

  6. phiu7 says:

    how did you guys find him?? are you a vet? anw god bless you! great videos!

  7. squink01 says:

    people like this should deserve something special

  8. TheJAAKproductions says:

    you guys are so amazing taking in an abandoned kitten and then bottle feed it and look afrter it

  9. thorpe789 says:


  10. sunlitlaz says:

    You are such wonderful people to take in an abandoned kitten and take care of it, especially one that young requiring so much work. Awesome!

  11. ManCityRoxTS says:

    same :/

  12. MrBubby27 says:

    i wish i had a kitten but my mom hates kittens

  13. irishgoth23 says:

    k-kawaii *o*

  14. katnim says:

    now thats a big bottle :D

  15. lemniscate47 says:

    Congratulations!! You’ve gotten the milk-flow Just Right for the baby. A very difficult thing to do!! Bottle-feeding tiny kittens is a very difficult job to do well. You are Marvellous to take it on n to succeed!! Kudos!! xxx.

  16. sunny cardenas says:


  17. Ramon-Ärni Vanker says:

    Awww cute kitten with closed eyes :3333 Give him/her some more mewlk :3!

  18. Brendi Krougman says:

    o my god this makes drinking milk sooo much more fun please give us more!

  19. TheStarjelly says:


  20. kittycatalayna says:


  21. polakpola says:


  22. RavenclawGirl29 says:

    what language are you speaking?

  23. PaintItBlackAndWhite says:

    aww, too cute

  24. polakpola says:

    Az anyukaja ott hagyta az osszes kis cicat a hidegben es a testverei mind kihultek es elpusztultak mire eszre vettuk hogy megszulettek. Szundi maradt egyedul eletben es elso naptol kezdve mi etetjuk. es gondozzuk.

  25. DaewonsongRave says:

    Awwww XD It’s so cute! :D

  26. Bumblebeelea123 says:

    That is the cutest thing ever!!!

  27. kokoa7899 says:

    Omg hes sooooooooooooooo cute :D my favourite animals are cats :) My cat is having kittens in a week :) Your so lucky to have a cat as cute as this :)

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