Bottle Feeding Kittens

Almost every year I have fostered a litter or two of kittens from feral cats around my cabin. If not they get hit by cars or killed by coyotes. Anyone looking for a kitten? Joking, they all have homes. Another reason to spay and neuter you cats.
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2 baby stray kitten was found on April 5, 2010 In the past, i tried to take care of a baby kitten but died. Too young and could not even walk was the reason. Now i know. But now, this 2 drinks milk and they walk a little. I think they are around Two weeks old when we found them. It was a hard experience raising a Baby Cat. Oh and don’t mention the guy feeding the Cat, It does not matter. This is about the Cat.

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  1. Aimanrulez says:


  2. kejelj says:

    I love how their little ears move. i’m fostering a litter of five two-week olds now!

  3. DenSejeMig says:

    1:20; “I must drink, I must drink…”


    So glad that your helping so many of them – their miav’s are just so heartbreaking !

    Love citties….!

  4. TheEmmaDilemma says:

    That is so sweet of you! So many cats are not being spayed so theres tonnes of homeless kittens its good that someones doing something about it!!!

  5. elrob20 says:

    Great video

  6. isabel soljan says:

    Awww its a cute cat

  7. owais306 says:

    today I found a cat lying around door it was just born 2 days ago it was just meow meow meow from 2 hours so I took him now he is hungry then I saw this video thnkz for the vid

  8. Murdock13 says:

    Wonderful! Most of the cats my family had were stray kittens rescued from the street, or babies those kittens had when they got older. Best pets we ever had.

  9. samehyassin99 says:

    Thanks alot.. The mother of my small kittens disappeared today and we had to feed them. You helped us alot

  10. MechPhantom says:

    can i give a baby cat HL(High and lows) milk? Btw im from singapore in other words cow milk like the ones i drink for breakfast? coz i found 3 kittens today outside my house

  11. SupSuckazzz says:

    *cow milk is different than cat milk

  12. SupSuckazzz says:

    need formula, plain old milk isnt enough to meet kittens dietary needs (and it also is cow mil, which is different in nutrients than cow mil) any pet store you stop y should hve it

  13. DeathMachine1999 says:

    My mom and sister went to the dump the other day and the workers had found to kitttens tied up and thrown in the trash compactor if the big one hadnt have screamed they would have been crushed im only 11 and the black one screams and the white one just does nothing except keep his mouth shut

  14. TheThirdGear says:

    My dad brought a stray kitten from his factory too, and it almost hasn’t eaten in 24 hours, im getting kind of scared for it. Funny thing is it has the same coloring as the kittens in this vid :D

  15. mykovn says:

    My mom brought home 2 kitten from the vet yesterday, and the 2 of them were infested with fleas… Wdf vet doesn’t do anything to help the fleas go away. Like shots of something? Damn lazy vets.

  16. drahmaster says:

    I found one kitteh yesterday. She was exhausted, dehydrated and suffered hypotermia. The vet said she’s one month old. She doesn’t want to eat from the crank nor the bottle. I must pour the milk into her mouth and then she just drinks it… How can I get my poor lil kitteh to have appetite like yours?

  17. youknowitsBrad says:

    you should feed that little of a cat half and half

  18. dudadia123 says:

    Ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cute cute cuteeeeee

  19. 2884nick says:

    you have to feed the kittens a different type of milk

  20. jeffhardyboy21 says:

    No Need 4 it anyway, i already got a kitten & he doesn’t need a syringe anymore. :)
    Look in my vids to see more of him. :)

  21. ZombieGorePrincess says:

    medicine syringes?

  22. bluemjaycee says:

    it is just Milk

  23. jeffhardyboy21 says:

    wat r they called , the things u feed them wid ??

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