bottle feeding kitten

one of the kittens i found. shes a tri-color tabby

I found a stray kitten myself, and this is the first time I feed her.

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  1. shuffler1239 says:

    woah careful he might die drinking like that i cant bear to watch animals die THEY ARE TO CUTE TO DIE!

  2. Ghostgirl777 says:

    Look at that little ear twitch!

    If you have their chest/head propped up, like when you’re cradling them, its fine if they’re on their back. Same with most animals.

  3. boxerbaby says:

    oh crap,i didnt know that.. thank you ill remember that if i ever have to bottle feed a kitten again

  4. camperkala says:

    don’t feed a kitten on their backs! they can drown!

  5. mmmbad says:

    She’s absolutely adorable! Thanks for posting!

  6. farikhan says:

    your cat is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. JADEAV says:

    HA cute!…: )

  8. kronosdb says:

    Fat-ass can’t even get up on the counter to investigate the white cat that’s eating “his” food.
    You can tell he doesn’t like the situation but he can’t do anything about it. Funny and sad at the same time.

  9. SnakeJake23 says:

    0:16 your cat has terminator eyes :D

  10. LaAnimeKHsoraXkairi says:

    That scottish fold must be frustrated. xD

  11. LaAnimeKHsoraXkairi says:

    house cat: Why is there a dirty peasant in MY house eating out of MY dish??

  12. VeenaNM says:

    The house cat looks so confused and betrayed !!. So cute!

  13. rosahearteddy says:

    hahah i love how your cat stands freakin cute!!!

  14. MyPaperBleedsInk says:

    Awww… your cat is such a cutie

  15. Gardiroth says:

    1:02 :O

  16. Deterdalek2 says:

    1:27 Angry demon cat face O.O

  17. MOONFIRE456 says:

    Pause at 1:24…Scary cat with glowing red eyes O.O lol Love your kitteh! <3

  18. findyourintelligence says:

    whatcha got der? 00:42

  19. findyourintelligence says:

    awe your cate is so cute hes like hai dats my food

  20. dol345 says:

    ur cat is so so fluffy and cute. Kinda looks like mine. luv the look on his/her face!!

  21. MegaJumbo101 says:

    That is the cutest cat i have ever seen, its so chubby! Thats what makes it adorable!!! I love it!

  22. abaoduck says:

    @itsmegp46 I’ve addressed the weight question too many times, so you can just search for my old responses. Don’t judge the cat from a video clip is all I can say. The kitten was not mine to keep, but after living at the bottom of my garden stairs for too long, I sent him to my local vet, who runs a temp lost animal shelter.

  23. cherricasket84 says:


  24. itsmegp46 says:

    Two comments. One, your own cat is a roly poly. It would do him a lot of good if he missed a few meals. Two, I suspect that stray was someone’s kitten that got away. He didn’t look skinny, at least not from the camera angle, and too well behaved.
    Did you keep him?

  25. teankerbelle says:

    @FlyingChainChomp giving food to it for a few days would eventually “warm their heart” for you. just have patience. thats what i did hehhe

    when it trusts you though..make sure to give it all the anti rabbis and those stuff. but dont be surprised either if they bring some small animals near your place, though they wont eat it…while mine doesnt :)

  26. realladylada says:

    lol did anyone noticed the eyes at 0:17 ??? :-D

  27. AleesyaNafisah97 says:

    0:43 omggggggg! Sooo cuttee!

  28. MaliceShaw says:

    OMG I love your Tubby Baby standing on his back paws!!! Hes like :”Wait.. Wha.. What th..? Eating.. And its not me.. Does.. Does not want!”

  29. ThePaperCUTS says:

    I love how that whole encounter happened in complete silence :p

  30. TheGregEgg says:

    Your big cat is kind of “portly”.

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