BOBCATS of Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is home to 32 bobcats! Whether they are former “pets”, fur farm rescues or wild bobcats that were injured and unable to be returned to the wild, they all have permanent sanctuary at BCR. This video introduces viewers to all 32 of our bobcats and their colorful names, for more info about bobcats please visit: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GOOGLE+: TWITTER: DONATE: BIG CAT SHOP: THANK YOU!
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25 Responses to “BOBCATS of Big Cat Rescue”

  1. iamnotamouseok says:

    It is so easy to forget that they are not pets. Then the next thing you know one has taken a chunk out of your hand. All cats are amazing animals.

  2. BigCatRescue says:

    Hi, no not blind but he does have slight issues that we are aware of. Bobcats sure are characters, pound for pound they must be the toughest cats out there!

  3. FilmerOfBobcats says:

    Is the bobcat at 3:57 blind? It is amazing just how much difference there is between the shapes of faces, the degree of cheek ruffs, and the type of hair. Bobcats are among my favorite creatures. There is a female who hunts on my property and is OK with me sitting quietly under a tree and simply watching her go about business.

  4. TheKinseth says:

    They do, it’s called “the workplace.” It keeps people busy and prevents them from harming themselves and others! Hah!

  5. geeman28 says:

    I want crazy horse

  6. 999AnnA999 says:

    Wow, I had no idea aids is not confined to primates

  7. BigCatRescue says:

    No Ace was a wild bobcat that collapsed in a developed area of Tampa and was starving, we rehabbed her and were hoping to release her which is why her ear was tipped. Then her final blood test came back positive for feline aids and if we released her she could have killed more bobcats . She was very old and the best thing to do was to provide her with a permanent home in captivity.

  8. Chariset says:

    I notice Ace is ear-tipped. Was he a pet?

  9. HUYI1 says:

    such creative names, i like them all :)

  10. bajabilly2004 says:

    we as humans are much more dangerous than any wild cat!! what this country needs is a big idiot people recuse

  11. BigCatRescue says:

    I actually have no idea how Windstar was named……? I will ask…

  12. kibainuzuka54 says:

    Did you get the name Windstar from the Warrior’s series by Erin Hunter?

  13. BigCatRescue says:

    Kricket is a serval, we rescued her after this video was produced :)

  14. DarkRose667 says:

    poor Kricket, she didn’t get in the video

  15. BigCatRescue says:

    Definitely, the bottom line is that all wild species of cats have the ability to be dangerous and unpredictable and they will never lose their wild instincts….

  16. BigCatRescue says:

    Yes, it’s still legal, you can write to your state representatives and voice your opinion on the matter, please visit CatLaws*com for contact info :)

  17. vaderhausen says:

    Hello. I love your channel. Please have a look at this link… Can it be legal, can’t it? It’s not nice to look at (I can’t embed the link, just search “Bobcat trapping ’10″ )

    It’s really really sad to see that happening in the USA today. Could any action be taken against bastards like these? I mean… they should be hunted down!

  18. Neni923 says:

    So Cute!!!! Raaaarrrrrr x3

  19. Namini11 says:

    hehe i lol’d when i saw one of the cats is named “will”. such a silly name for a cat :) these animals are extraordinary!! their eyes are so mesmerizing!

  20. seeress83 says:

    I love this – Bobcats are amazing.

    We have a cat that is 1/4 bobcat (and half persian) – we didn’t breed him, he was given to us – and I can tell you, even that far removed, all the “wild” isn’t gone out of him. His meow sounds different than a normal cat, he has to eat special cat food to keep his urinary tract healthy, he is a ferocious predator, and he’s frighteningly intelligent. I wouldn’t trade a minute of the 13 years we’ve had him for anything – but I’m not sure I’d do it again.

  21. sonogigs says:

    my favorite is Raindance^^

  22. YesukaB says:


  23. niteholler says:

    yeah, but he doesn’t listen because he’s been trained by his dad to be that way. now i just don’t have anything to do with him anymore because ignorant, narrow-minded and close-minded rednecks make me sick to my stomach.

  24. YesukaB says:

    that’s so sad. Why don’t they understand? Did you try to stop your cousin from hunting animals again? I’d mentally kill someone if they hunted an animal.

  25. YesukaB says:

    don’t forget the size difference

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