BOBCAT KITTENS Vs Rats/Chicks/Mice!

BOBCAT KITTENS – Episode 4, since last time we have switched the kittens from their milk diet to solid food (whole prey). They have exploded in size and have been having lots of fun in their inside environment! See MORE of the KITTENS IN ACTION… BOBCAT KITTENS adopted by house cat!: Purr-fect Mom to Baby Bobcats!: BOBCAT KITTENS! “Play Time”: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GOOGLE+: TWITTER: DONATE: BIG CAT SHOP: THANK YOU!
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25 Responses to “BOBCAT KITTENS Vs Rats/Chicks/Mice!”

  1. NoRogeR says:

    The domestic cat was not impressed by the mice/rats hah

  2. dt05 says:

    i wonder if, as they get bigger, these bobcat’s will recognize “mommy” forever, or if they’ll eventually see her as prey too as they outgrow her substantially.

  3. Tanginique Haynes says:

    There domestic cat breeds that strongly bobcats. So get one of those instead. It’ll be much happier and safer than an actually bobcat.

  4. ClopinGirl64 says:

    Awww! Those kitties are so adorable! <3 I can’t help feeling a little sorry for those chicks and rodents. But,hey! The bobcat kittens gotta eat and they’ll have to know how to hunt for food if their gonna be released back into the wild.

  5. chase1146 says:

    storm’s got to be my favoret of the kittent

  6. deadlinker says:

    Awwwwww so cute iKitteh’s out of the box

  7. 74kyB says:

    lol! When you guys threw down the rats the kittens were “RAAAWWWRAAARR!!!!” and the indoor domestic cat was like, “Omg, did you see what they did???”

  8. whamslam3 says:

    nom nom nom

  9. theEXdustry says:

    0:21 The cat looks like she’s saying, “Sigh… Kids…”

  10. BigCatRescue says:

    They were adopted together by a Big Cat Rescue volunteer :)

  11. dubinek88 says:

    What happend to Bobbis own kittens?

  12. kozmon0t says:

    bobcat kitten sounds stupid. They should be called bobkittens.

  13. XDog33 says:

    O what am I talking about I find them even cuter now

  14. XDog33 says:

    O.O I will never find kittens cute again

  15. TheMusikeTube says:

    So nasty when they showed the mouses

  16. 5spdOnly says:

    Bobcat kitten owned at 1:18! Cute

  17. hotcoco7946 says:

    beautiful kittens. Once while on vacation I saw one in the brush of the grass, so cute :)

  18. BigCatRescue says:

    Bobbi was adopted by a loving family in 2010, she spent christmas inside a nice warm house :)

  19. keybawtiz says:

    What happened to Bobbi?

  20. tollboothjason says:

    0:21 DINNER!

  21. MrShayneOneill says:

    Hah. Bobbi is such an attentive foster mom. Even if she’s thinking “DAMN these kids are growing big!”

  22. iSpeed09 says:

    :C those poor rats/mice/chicks

    i know it’s for them to live, but i still feel bad

  23. faeliie says:

    Lol the domestic kittens just look at the whole prey like “ew….”

  24. nath9n15 says:

    hahahha 1:01  (am i fat) hahhaha

  25. TrippleLee says:

    DUUUUUUUDE i have the same cat toy as 2:25

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