Black Ops: DOM 13 – WMD – This game is balanced

my opinion on why this game is balanced…i guess 50 kills 0 death flawless game domination on wmd with ak47 suppressor intro: shutterbug artist: big boi (lol lika someboodee)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Black Ops: DOM 13 – WMD – This game is balanced”

  1. AverageAsianDude says:

    @jonpicasso me too :P

  2. jonpicasso says:

    You’re awesome man! I love the chopper gunner song too.

  3. AverageAsianDude says:

    @urbanjoo01 uhm no, live in east anglia

  4. urbanjoo01 says:

    Nice anywhere near manchester

  5. AverageAsianDude says:

    @StickyManMaxxx i do high rollers and the players are fucking good. no way im getting a flawless gun game >.<

  6. StickyManMaxxx says:

    should definitely put some gun game up here, flawless mabye ? ahahaha you could do it

  7. AverageAsianDude says:

    @OllieOllyOllie i will always cap B when i know it’s safe to, best OBJECTIVE PLAYER EVA!!! :D

  8. OllieOllyOllie says:

    thats what i like when i play with u, even tho ur on a killstreak u still jump on B flag. Unless i already capped it :p

  9. AverageAsianDude says:

    @urbanjoo01 yes

  10. urbanjoo01 says:

    Do u live in england?

  11. urbanjoo01 says:


  12. AverageAsianDude says:

    @urbanjoo01 im a chink :P , nah im vietnamese

  13. AverageAsianDude says:

    @TryKnees i think it is full :( , u can add my sub account however bicboiix-chaos

  14. urbanjoo01 says:

    Heyy im a new subscriber. I am also an asian who lives in england. Im a paki. Wbu?

  15. ptresidder says:

    this video is grizz

  16. 2525Anu says:

    thumbs up if you dont give a shit about the famas or the ak74u! not a big of them..i use them, but i dont get hard on over them

  17. 1000willox says:

    Nice one, I was playing with you the other day with Mayhem and that :P

  18. AverageAsianDude says:

    @TryKnees trying to get the 26 miles for the pro version :)

  19. turnyourbackandrun says:

    yeah i never understood the complaints about the 74u (never liked using it) and the famas, which is just an easy to use gun. i find i have just as much or more success with the galil, commando or ak47

  20. xn33zyx says:

    i like the chopper gunner song

  21. Rbarnett78 says:

    @supaahflyy I don’t find it to bad, haha I do get killed a lot on my 11 killstreak, always one before dogs…so annoying. Xbox is so different from PS3 though. I don’t know what it is, but I get my killstreaks fully three times a game in PS3, compared to one time in Xbox. It honestly seems like there are better Xbox players more so than PS3 players, but it could just be familiarity with controls.

  22. Jumokemagic says:

    yay chopper gunner song

  23. hateLewis09 says:

    @KillaR0B why do you call me an idiot? what did i do to upset you? and why do you make the assumption that i will do wht you say, what right do you have to tell me what to do. I will not use the guns in question because I dont want to. you are ignorant.

  24. DGKallDAY445 says:

    This game is based around connection MOST of the time if you have a better connection than someone else you will most likley win the gun fight there is not a lot of skill invloved…

  25. DominusNovemus says:

    yay i was in that game :) 

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