Black and white Munchkin kitten

This is our adorable black and white Munchkin kitten. This video was taken for Evan, hope you like it Evan!:) You can visit our website and see other Munchkin kittens for sale at!
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19 Responses to “Black and white Munchkin kitten”

  1. coolgirlpopin101 says:

    <3 addorble!

  2. Super123ele says:

    aww! :)

  3. 2bossy4u2take says:

    I want a kitten like this one!!! I have been searching and searching and searching for a clack and white kitten that looks like this one

  4. fifa121399 says:

    i love black and white cats and kitten

  5. poisenkake says:

    i used to burn cats, and put fire crackers up their asses and watch how the guts came out their asses, i once put a huge firecracker up a little cat just like this one and watch it blow up in half, you can’t believe how loud a cat can scream :)

  6. mobear17 says:

    That kitten looks like my kitten!!! Your kitten is sooooooooooo cute too!!!

  7. 210482fmj says:

    I have never found anything money can buy has ever been as much fun as having a kitten.

  8. eduardoguz77095 says:

    This kitty is so cute i wanna play with him..forever!!

  9. jmorrowbel says:

    he’s precious :) I raise Munchkins too :)

  10. darkkit1994 says:

    This video embodies every reason why I want a kitten.

  11. 1957MCL says:

    Aww. We have two black and white cats, brothers, 4 years old. One is normal sized, and pretty darn big, the other is a munchkin. The munchkin, Buddy, is perhaps the most personality filled cat I’ve ever encountered. He is so alive to the world and interested in everything, while his brother, Miller, is much more of a stay indoors ‘pet me’ type. He has personality in abundance, too, no question. But this wife and I call him a ‘permakit’ because he will always be a kitten to us.

  12. AlyssaStar109 says:

    Cutest kitten ever!

  13. EmMabunnylover says:

    i luvs her wittle feets

  14. jmorrowbel says:


  15. mynamemaru says:


  16. cheerandfluvit says:

    so cute!!! reminds me of figaro from pinocchio haha

  17. kimherly says:

    Interested in your standard munchkins! Would like info and photos on any available ones :) Hope to hear from you soon

  18. sweetr72 says:

    Shes adorable! I have a 5 month old Munchkin…she is so fun and affectionate..I will be breeding her in another year and look forward to it!

  19. Nunamaak1389 says:

    I can not wait to test out the spray container! speculate if they would work upon dogs…

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