Best of Sue Sylvester – Season 1

My personal favorites of Glee’s Sue Sylvester. I should be doing homework, but I did this instead. So you guys better laugh! How awesome is Jane Lynch?! I don’t own anything. I uploaded best of season 2 twice, but it got closed both times, and apparently I’ve really pissed off youtube, they said if I upload the video again, they’re gonna delete my account. Sorry guys, no more Sue-videos =(
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Calling All Titans” After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans come back to Jump City. However, they must recruit some young heroes before the Brotherhood of Evil attacks them. The final battle has started.

35 Responses to “Best of Sue Sylvester – Season 1”

  1. gemofgems says:

    I still want to know what that kitty cat was for…

  2. digitbvj5 says:

    The 19 people who disliked this got their asses sued by Sue!!!!

  3. digitbvj5 says:

    “Face it…you want to be me!”  hahahaha so true!!

  4. digitbvj5 says:


  5. muziekanaal says:

    The whole glee club disliked this lol! ;)

  6. KittyAll2013 says:

    That was right after Quinn told her that most of the Cheerios weren’t able to do cheerleading because Mr. Schuester flunked them in Spanish. Booooooy, was she pissed. ;P

  7. KittyAll2013 says:

    They forgot to put in the monologe in her journal about Glee club being an “sexually ambiguous horror movie monster.” :D

  8. PUJSoink says:

    Hair is a musical

  9. dyls24viola says:

    1:32 most offensive thing I have ever seen since an elementary production of hair. Hair what?

  10. MissStrongGirl says:

    1:47 “Slut.”

  11. DidYouEatMyMonkey says:


  12. rockett184 says:

    lol “i will kick you square in the taco! “

  13. Hafsa90Lynn says:

    Best ones are the “I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the bayou!” (laughed so hard when I first heard that one! Obviously about The Princess and the frog) and “I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves who live in your hair”

  14. babyunicorns18 says:

    wait what episode was 3:44?

  15. Sarah Christian says:

    Thank you for making this! So funny. “I will kick you square in the taco”

  16. delegend81 says:

    3:01 where does she look at.

  17. bebektolol says:

    The only reason i watched glee s01

  18. gleeksterish says:

    thanks so much for this vid :)

  19. TeenTitansFan2006 says:

    I like how she refers to Spanish as a dying language.

  20. zxcvbnmalt says:

    i love thie kitty cat one

  21. ninanogetwadde says:

    she likes his hair

  22. Basti Lätsch says:

    I miss ‘Santana, Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha and Shaft!’

  23. randomdoggy says:

    OMG the ENDLESS hair jokes! LOL

  24. randomdoggy says:

    I don’t know why but at 3:56 I just could NOT stop laughing!!!

  25. SidneyTucker1313 says:

    You know that Brain gets a body in one comic so he and Mallah can consummate their love. Of course the body eventually dies leaving Brain…well, a brain.

  26. GeordanAOfficial says:

    Does anyone else kinda think that the brain’s voice sound like Steven Hawking’s computer voice?

  27. Miko Pambuena says:

    Where’s batman and superman

  28. numberonefanst says:

    I know where are the doom patrol? And where is Red X?

  29. BlueBubbleBlower says:

    It’s kind of their enemies!

  30. SidneyTucker1313 says:

    Toni Monetti was the daughter of a former U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Around the time she turned sixteen, Toni’s skin gained a silver sheen to it. Toni, along with a few other teens, learned that they are half-alien, and their mothers were impregnated by an alien race called the H’San Natall years ago.Toni’s ability to control bursts of silver plasma energy earned her the codename, Argent

  31. DoubleFistPunch says:

    isn’t Argent sort of a knockoff of Green Lantern?

  32. SidneyTucker1313 says:

    But he can’t drive the T-Car.

  33. djkamilo66 says:

    beast boy can fly. 

  34. footbcolts says:

    This getting good

  35. fabiansdabest88 says:

    My youth

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