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Just a quick update. I have been putting one a little weight now. My muscles are looking a little fuller.
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29 Responses to “Best Cat Food Recipes Cookbook”

  1. askforadeal says:

    These recipes look really interesting, what a great idea! :)

  2. egyptiancow101 says:

    thanks for posting me to watch this its very interesting. I have four cats i will try these out oneday

  3. prettybooks says:

    Have you ever tried Anna Maria Falamagetti’s recipes?

  4. AlxStat says:

    thank you so much, my cat realy loves the tuna tar-tar

  5. Dedicated2bbing says:

    DO you wrestle? I want to wrestle against you so bad and beat you!

  6. pscal1000 says:

    very hot love the hairy chest.. fuchen hot biceps want to see you lick them..

  7. aaus says:

    Love the furs on your muscular chest!!

  8. manystar says:

    Great torso. Great work

  9. 31blvd42 says:

    isn’t perfection wonderful?

  10. bf6067 says:

    Every one has their own idea of what is the perfect physique. For me, it is yours! Your upper body is just plain superior and perfect! I totally love it!

  11. junkiejunk9 says:

    Seriously Studly!

  12. jakn2muscle says:

    dude those pecs are just so round, fully pumped, n meaty!

  13. pigfac says:

    Incredible looking man. Have the body that any man would love to have. Hairy chest is incredible.

  14. yesimnosytoo says:

    - Just PLEASE don’t use 009 Soundsystem or Drowning Pool… Way overused…

    and nice chest and arms you do have!!! Great!!

  15. Jer314153 says:

    Have you looked at your before and afters? Not only have you built size and muscularity, but a really aesthetic superb physique. Please don’t take a razor to that chest!

  16. bakert7000 says:

    Great arms and chest, love the close up of your hairy chest! nice posing!

  17. sdarms111 says:

    Just keep showing off that incredible physique (and furry chest) and you can film it in a church for all I care lol

  18. TheTlocke says:

    had to catch the pump an conditioning right then and that was the only private spot to take the at video. i should probably do the video audio swap to cover that up. :-)

  19. DADA090161 says:

    wonderfull ! for me u’re the best !!

  20. fredcaselee says:

    you have a great chest… que rico

  21. hunkypit says:

    the best:) nothing can beat this..pls do closer with the armpit hairs do another make it really closeup with your cute face at the beginning

  22. gaygymguymd says:

    Classic V taper

  23. sdarms111 says:

    Dude you look amazing. Obviously you are training for a contest and will win, but the pre “shaving” footage is beyond hot.

    The toilet flushing in the background is funny too.

  24. leeinvegas says:

    damn love ur fur on your pecs 

  25. jensexyyy says:

    haha so sexy!

  26. pexxnyc says:

    DAMN RIGHT they are!

  27. ironlifter22 says:

    No one else compares to you!

  28. bigbri43 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Perfect.

  29. bicephile says:


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