Bella the Cat with her new litter …

this is her second litter … her 1st all died.. these didn’t some had eye infections but it cleared up and they are all healthy and playing .. :)
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Marty [orange] and Maddie [black] were frail kittens when they were found in the middle of a dark state highway at 10pm! They were scared, hungry and had an eye infection. Luckily, a kind Deputy Sheriff rescued them into safety while on routine patrol! They are happy and healthy in their foster home. The will be seven weeks old on 8/20/10 and will be available for adoption in mid-September! If you live in the central Arkansas area and would like more information on how to adopt these special babies, call me at 501-851-7114 or go online at UPDATE! These kitties found a good home! But there are still more that need to be adopted!

3 Responses to “Bella the Cat with her new litter …”

  1. LoVeHurtsHAveFaith says:…gosh either thats a cat that looks exactly like mine or thats my cat before you gave her to my but fixed her.

  2. shadowgirl3003 says:

    you give your cat my favourite name :V

  3. ShowMeLoveFilms says:

    SO CUTE!

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