At what age can kittens start eating adult cat food?

Question by JP: At what age can kittens start eating adult cat food?
I once adopted two kittens who were 15 weeks old and already fixed, shots and eating adult cat food. I now have a 4 month old kitten who is still eating kitten chow and kitten canned food. He acts like he’s starving. When can I introduce him to adult cat chow, canned wet food and cat treats? I DON’T WANT to feed him any “people” food!!
My cats are indoor only.

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Answer by karen kremer smith
Let them run outside. if they get hungry they can eat mice for they are natural eaters of them. They know that it is not right for them to have man made food inside of them. If you wouldn’t eat it, they wouldn’t eat it either.

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  1. JOANNE says:


    A kitten needs to be on kitten food for anything up to a year. I think your job will be to feed all of your kittens this kitten food as it will have all the nutrients in that kittens need to grow strong and healthy. If you have other adult cats, let the kitten try their food, but don’t under any circumstances allow the adult cats to eat the kitten food as it is too high in nutrients and will do more harm than good. Any new food should be introduced gradually over a number of days to stop any tummy upsets. Also, don’t feed human food as it is not beneficial for any cat, no matter what age they are. Good luck – Joanne

  2. Ocimom says:

    I start changing over to adult foods at 4-5 months old. There is NO reason a kitten cannot have adult food after 4 or 5 months old unless they are sick or other problems where they need the extra calories. Feeding kittens (except for the large breeds like a Maine Coon) kitten food for a year will usually result in an overweight adult cat.

  3. nubsnovets says:

    He is old enough for adult cat food. He might act like he’s hungry all the time for a variety of reasons though. Could be the food has a lot of fillers, could have worms, could just be he is bored and wants to eat all the time. My 1 yr old cat acts like I starve him. He is about 15lbs and I only feed him a certain amount per day to keep him from gaining anymore weight,especially since he’s neutered. But he just feels like he should be fed every time I go in the kitchen lol.

  4. BiPetual says:

    A good quality cat food should provide enough nutrition for a kitten or cat of any life stage, and the label will say so. If you look at the labels, the actual difference in protein and fat are pretty minimal. They can eat a little more to make up the difference.

    Just be sure to change his food very gradually so he doesn’t get diarrhea. Also, you may want to check out the follow link:

    Good luck with your feline family!

  5. Dr. Larry says:

    If your kitten is at normal weight I’d give him free choice access to dry kitten food until he is at least 8 to 9 months old. Many pet food companies recommend a year and that is fine too, but most of their growth happens in the first nine months. Kitten Chow is fine, but if your kitten is constantly hungry you might try a kitten food with higher caloric density. I like both Purina ONE Kitten food and Pro Plan kitten food from Purina.
    Try to keep your kitten on the lean side during growth. Kittens that become fat may have problems with weight for life. Take a look at the feline body condition score chart in the link below and get familiar with what ideal body condition looks like and feels like.

  6. AZJunglesHealthStore says:

    You should go with an all stages quality food. There is no need for kitten food, it’s a marketing ploy because people love to hear they need kitten food, then adult, then senior. If you think about it – do we feed our children or seniors any differently than we as adults eat? The younger, active ones need more – the older, less active need less.

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