Animal with human head!

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24 Responses to “Animal with human head!”

  1. megalith100 says:

    who is stupid enough thinks that this is real, raise your hands XD!

  2. sharphair111 says:

    Madusa has returned

  3. MrCatlolz says:

    WHAT ze FUCK? I’ve just lost my taste even in beer – and I’m german, FFS. I gotta go pray, haven’t done that in months.

  4. blufilmsesa says:

    But will it blend???

  5. judaswept says:

    Yes, Kony did it.

  6. mexicanboy1136 says:


  7. PURPLESLIPPERS101 says:

    People arent tht stupid these days…..:P

  8. JesusPaid4You says:

    GOD LOVES YOU! Jesus Christ the Son of God, died for your sins, and He rose again. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” -Acts 16:31. Call on Jesus now and believe on Him and you will go to Heaven.

  9. LaurenCaver129 says:

    this is so fake

  10. smoyosh says:

    @mannypacquiao22 no

  11. 4Tamashah says:

    Miracles of Allah = Satan

  12. BloodyInsane says:

    This is definitely Kony’s fault

  13. DNWhitVogel says:

    Kony something something kony

  14. AfricaisGreatest says:

    woman punished by allah

  15. Mallorydrewful says:

    Wicked and freaky

  16. dRacLac says:

    bro wtf…. looks like the chick for the exorcist… creppy as fuck.

  17. sarmilanking says:

    Fane easy to make

  18. WolfMuseLux says:

    Even if it is fake, that shit is creepy…

  19. dwgangsat says:

    getting lost on youtube again….went from looking up Special Forces to this….sigh

  20. dmi3011 says:

    it’s staring into your soul… 0_0

  21. lordofwarlotr says:

    the musics freakin me out

  22. RedRangerDanger says:

    im in the really wierd part of you tube again.

  23. bryanpein says:

    Nope, Chuck Testa

  24. CatsThiefLeiland says:

    Our up coming cat can be a glow at midnight kitten

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