Animal and Their Caregivers: Stories of Hearty Friendships — Animal and Their Caregivers More Stories of Hearty Friendships. Episode: 1759, Air Date: 9 July 2011. They are just like us, just a different shape that’s all. Different shape… just to colour the world, you know? Just like different flowers. They are beings with all intelligence, all love, all resolution, just like us! Hallo sweet-hearted viewers and welcome to another effervescent episode of Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants! Today we’ll meet four joyful individuals with fascinating stories about their delightful animal companions and the beautiful, harmonious relationships they share. We begin with our Association member Manisha, a lover of animals who lives in the enchanting country of Nepal. Who wouldn’t like animals? They are very kind hearted and compassionate. They have selfless loving natures. They express the same kind of behavior on the outside as what they feel on the inside. It all started when Manisha’s cousin brought home eight fish in a tank. From that point on, unfortunately he did very little in the way of caring for the fish. During this period Manisha started having dreams involving these fish. I saw in my dreams that the fish were talking to me, and the aquarium was breaking and I also saw Master with them. At first I didn’t pay any attention to them, but after having similar dreams many times I felt from inside as if they’re trying to communicate with me. Perhaps they were requesting that I save them. I felt something like that

DOES ANYONE ELSE HATE THE STUPID COPYRIGHT FEATURE?! Miricle (meer-ih-kuhl) aka Meeko My sweet kitty Miricle. She’s half Himalayan, half mixed. We have had her since the day she was born (as we owned her mother for a short while). Her name is just a different spelling of “Miracle” because she is our miracle kitten. The smallest kitten out of a litter of 8, her mother didn’t even bother to clean her after she was birthed. We cleaned her up and protected her from her bully brothers. At the age of three weeks, she developed an eye infection from being clawed by her siblings. She didn’t open her eyes til well after she was 6 or 7 weeks old. But when she did, she had the clearest, most beautiful eyes imaginable. Miricle would seek us out as she battled her way through her infection, and she would ride on the tops of our feet as we walked (carefully!). Miricle had a ‘tude sometimes, but she was still loving and sweet. Back in early October / late September 2008, she slipped out the front door and was gone for 3 weeks. We found her in late October, half starved and not looking well. But she pulled a miraculous recovery, quickly gaining her strength back and then her weight. Then she disappeared again right before thanksgiving. Unfortunately, when we found her in January 2009, she had been run over at the carwash down the street. We brought her home and buried her. The only comfort we had was that she wasn’t skinny and mangy, but had apparently been taken in by someone and had
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13 Responses to “Animal and Their Caregivers: Stories of Hearty Friendships”

  1. HallsvilleForever says:

    One cat, and three dogs. But like I said: My bf has 4 cats and 5 dogs. So they are basically my extended pet family. =) And then there is Tenshi, my friend’s dog (I spend a lot of time at their house)…. so a large pet family. lol.

  2. secrettrekkie says:

    well three we own and sweetie, its a little cat family really we have big daddy charlie aka big black panther and mummy carly and kid(s) tigger and now sweetie origanaly charlie brought carly home when she was pregnat and gave her his food, really strange behaviour for uneuterd dominate male, how many in total do you have?

  3. HallsvilleForever says:

    It really is. I’m glad Treacle has come back to you in a way. =) that’s always a special thing. My bf’s cats, Larry and Mo, brought home Chester kinda like that. Except they turned on Chester after a while. My bf even let Chester inside sometimes. It was kinda fun to have him around for a while. But then again, my bf has 4 cats and 5 dogs, so it can get a little hectic. How many animals do you have?

  4. secrettrekkie says:

    its funny really, the man who owns her was wondering where she went all day, but at least tigger is happy he has someone to play with, she goes to her house at night and spends all day with us, it sounds weird but its like treacle has come back to me in spirit thats how it feels to me anyway its really nice to chat to someone who knows how it feels to love and lose an animal

  5. secrettrekkie says:

    i know what you mean, i liked it better the way YT was. I glad your other cat max is doing well, treacle’s brother tigger i don’t think could cope with being on his own, he has even brought home a kitten that lives two doors down so he won’t be alone, its really weird though because the kitten he brought home (we have called sweetie) is spookley like treacle in the way she is, she even plays with the toys that only treacle liked to play with,

  6. HallsvilleForever says:

    Miricle loved going outside. =) We buried her between the holly bush and honeysuckle bush outside next to the fence beside our house. Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to them. this new YT layout is really confusing. But I hope you are doing well. My other cat, Max (who grew up with Miricle but is about 2 yrs younger) is doing well, luckily. He’s actually becoming much more ppl-oriented. =) I’m sure your kitties are sweet. And well, I hope?

  7. secrettrekkie says:

    thankyou you for comments on my video, when i read your info on your cat i cried cos i know how you feel you definatly gave her the right name and the pic of her sleeping on the laptop very funny my ones still try to do that, at least she was cared for at the end, when i buried treacle i put her collar and her fav balls she used to play with and i planted bluebells on top so when they bloom i will always think of her she loved to play outdoors we always had trouble getting her in at night

  8. SoonerMagicJ2009 says:

    Try it.

  9. HallsvilleForever says:

    Yeah, I know! It sucks! I’m thinking of replacing the track with the same song, except it was sung by my grandfather. Let’s see them do it then!

  10. SoonerMagicJ2009 says:

    ugh stupid WMG muting everything!

  11. adt427 says:

    nice. good work.

  12. C4t51141Desk says:

    Is there a method to cease cats clawing you? Every time they are going in this little clapboard they claw throughout the apparel previous to they will take a seat on it and yes it digs into the pores and skin, however they don’t claw should they walk in excess of bare skin color funnily plenty of.

  13. RizwanMilk1729 says:

    wohh just what I used to be seeking, regards for putting up

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