~Always Love Me Justin Bieber~ Love Story (Part 43)

You: *POV: As I layed on Justin’s hotel bed, I slowly pulled away from the kiss and looked at his always perfect hair. My eyes slowly traveled lower to his eyes which were always so dreamy. We gazed into each other’s eyes without speaking. Every time I look into his eyes, just get lost. It’s like going inside of him and just knowing how much he loves me. I can always know what he’s thinking just by looking in his eyes. It’s like a special connection we have. I blinked a little, then my eyes slowly traveled down to his light pink lips. His lips are always so soft as a kitten. There are always sparks flying in my head when they touch me. It’s like a small amount of electricity flowing through my skin making my feel so happy, then making images in my head. Red, blue, purple, yellow, white… all colors making fireworks. My eyes slowly traveled back up to his eyes and I was lost inside them again. They had that loving look they usually had, but also had a little worry in them. I knew why he was worried. I’m sure he’s thinking I might leave him… I’ve thought about it myself.. but, I can’t do that to him. He’s always been so kind and loving to me. I’m so afraid of hurting him.. but if I left him.. I would be hurting him in a way that will be nearly impossible to heal. And I don’t think I have to worry about him leaving me… I mean.. he’s always been so sincere and true when he talks to me.. and he hasn’t, not once, hinted that he wanted to break up.. It’s always been me

1991 Classic Naughty By Nature Great Song Vid

32 Responses to “~Always Love Me Justin Bieber~ Love Story (Part 43)”

  1. mon4e3yy says:

    LOVRD ITT <3 (I can’ spell ) <—-SEE?

  2. coqueta979 says:

    Love it it kinda made me cry

  3. iluvDrewbieber13 says:

    LOVE!! but..this is so sad:’( ryan cant be without miranda..he needs her:)

  4. JBLoveStories63 says:

    Thanks. :)
    You are always one of the first people to comment like right after i post it! Haha stalker… jk. ily ♥

  5. TheBabygirl517 says:

    love it awsome.

  6. JBLoveStories63 says:

    It’s up!! :D

  7. iluvDrewbieber13 says:

    tell me when its up:)

  8. TheJezzka01 says:

    you down wit opp??

  9. redeaglecree says:

    I like to think we were all this cool in the 90s .. lol

  10. lhoudini says:

    Malibu’s most wanted brought me here

  11. EHvicefaction says:

    A Long Way Gone

  12. CloneComander1138 says:

    Will smith and the Rapmobile!

  13. barrow9040 says:

    He got shot in the ass on the Sopranos lol

  14. SmileyyBabyy14 says:

    LOL. Good one.

  15. ThePretenderXXUSA says:

    Queen Latifa!!!!!!

  16. Peter achtundachtzig says:

    Jarhead brought me here

  17. Snake5461 says:

    Still EPIC in 2012!!!!

  18. theresaolivera says:

    i rember this song in my 20s now i know what the oppm stans opp for

  19. geekusvulgaris says:

    Never been to O.P.P. But I can catch the rythm…

  20. James Bigica says:

    I remember rockin out to this in 5th grade…..still such a sick track. they dont make them like this anymore

  21. chronic kush says:

    dont forget bout the YRPD and the TOPD

  22. discharge626 says:

    0:59 Lakim Shabazz?

  23. cragmac1000 says:

    Fuckin’ Queen Fat–tifah was never down with OPP! Forget her, those otha honies are fine but what’s up with the sassy mouthed, black blimp?

  24. cragmac1000 says:

    You don’t get this kind of quality gfunk era rap anymore! This was the era man and I am so proud to be born part of it, pimpin’ mad honeys gettin’ bitches to be proper, none of this new era auto tuned faggot ass, limp wristed, clean bullshit!

  25. daniellandgrens says:

    U can clearly see were Kriss Kross got theyre inspiration from :-) 

  26. greenpeacemyass says:


  27. Mo Cutter says:


  28. Transpired says:

    This tune is 21 years old and still has a new kind of feel to it…

  29. tdowcna says:

    82 ain’t down wit O.P.P.

  30. indrayani17j says:

    @gaeorhx if only more people knew how good they were this song really hits that spot ;) AND.. i use this to listen in mp3 -> bit.ly/NnrIgu?=vulll

  31. KaoriBunny says:

    Like if you know someone down with OPP
    Old People Problems <–

  32. bristolbabe31 says:


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