Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon and Patamon VS Infermon (From the Original Digimon Movie/ Our War Game)

I dont own digimon etc…. Agumon and Tentomon regroup and are joined by Gabumon and Patamon as they try to take on infermon. I dont own digimon etc…
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22 Responses to “Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon and Patamon VS Infermon (From the Original Digimon Movie/ Our War Game)”

  1. Maroko4 says:

    He can’t.

  2. HaloItachi95 says:

    It took me this long to realise that Diaboromon actually DODGED Wargreymon’s ice wolf bite, and wasn’t hit until the last one XD

  3. Axen901 says:

    @1:05 the hell their graphics card is that good

  4. madcat789 says:


  5. TheMegan9ne says:


  6. dragondcng says:

    Oh man Wargreymon is such a boss. He doesn’t need claws to fight, just his fists!

  7. TheWillszy says:

    tentoman should of gone mega too :/

  8. bjampower says:

    I love how Diaboramon is the only one smart enough to interrupt the digivolving process (I think). I bet everyone watching Agumon, and Gabumon digivolving to Mega, we’re thinking,”why the hell didn’t Tai do that from the beginning!”

  9. Ollieboyy1 says:

    not really i wanted him as my digimon

  10. jvisthebest says:

    if youve seen the series you will know thats the least of the dodgy in digimon… besides it was originally designed for teens but america dubbed it for kids :( shame

  11. gamemaster613 says:

    I know it looks like he is having a really wierd fit, I mean who puts that on a film that loads of kids are going too watch.

  12. MVP6941 says:

    The part that scared me the most was when he got slowed down and he was doing a bunch of weird things with his face! DX

  13. SamDaManVLOGS says:

    little bit but in a cool way Cherubimon scared me a bit

  14. SamDaManVLOGS says:

    I loved this film but Diaboromon has to be one of the best virus digimon i have seen

  15. gamemaster613 says:

    I use to have nightmares about him man they were freaky.

  16. mabiniss2 says:

    How come the bad guy digivolved to diaboromon faster than patamon?

  17. MagiereShepard says:

    It’s like the xbox red rings! D:

  18. MVP6941 says:

    Who else thought Diaboromon scared the shit out of you when you were little.

  19. BorealNeal says:

    stupid blue screen of death

  20. lightmage91 says:

    tentomon in wat could you’ve done to save him at child level? lol when you become hercules kabuterimon then talk 2 me

  21. MCZ83 says:

    is tika on this ride
    he’s not tall enough

  22. muntu1221 says:

    I was surfing the net and I wiped out, that was super funny

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