Adopting my virtual Webkinz Love Kitten~2010 adoption

This is my first adoption video. If u like the name, i’d love to share it with anyone. if u use this name, pls comment. just curious if u guys like it. It means like kitten in love (love kitten) if u look it up in the dictionary. She is real cute online. 5/2012 Update: I’d really like to trade some1 for a virtual love dalmatian. i dont have enough estore $ but I could get u something still, and trade a few PRICELESS items or itmes u want but cant find. Please?
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28 Responses to “Adopting my virtual Webkinz Love Kitten~2010 adoption”

  1. YorkieKinz says:

    it was from the series 3 trading cards. i got super lucky!

  2. YorkieKinz says:

    the love kitten was an estore pet around valentines day. maybe it will be back in feb.

  3. smileloveme says:

    also what series was the magical retreiever from?

  4. smileloveme says:

    hey! where can i buy the love kitten?

  5. Webkinzpuppy100 says:

    I Liked The Video Of Your Love Kitten And I Was Wondering If You Had Enough Estore Points For The Mistole Mouse  From:Webkinzpuppy100

  6. naomicarrigan says:

    Hi it’s me maryberry55 and thanks for the coment but your the only one that comented so could you tell your friends?P.S I’m making a knew vid today see it tom =D =(

  7. YorkieKinz says:

    Sorry, I’m keeping the kitten’s item..

    Yeah, I can make a vid of my dock for you. I have a TON of stuff in it and need to do some thinning out. :D

  8. YorkieKinz says:

    @mpete301… thanks, and yeah I got the blue retriever in a pkg of trading cards. I got lucky, so named him lucky. lol

  9. mpete301 says:

    omg magic retriver @_@ cool congratz on kitten!

    and is the retriver on trading cards?

  10. YorkieKinz says:

    Thanks! :D 

  11. WebkinzLover93 says:

    omg you have the magical retriever -spaz- LOL
    i love that pet
    congrats on your new love kitten! it’s so cute! im getting mine today asap :D the item is awesome

  12. Abudua12 says:

    Katt Miller…lol

  13. WolfZonez212 says:

    My cat who is about 8 or 7 years old, has a bald spot between his shoulder blades. And he has started to lie inside the shower, and now he lies inside his litter box! what does it mean? im really worried about by lil’ boy ;-;

  14. miguelitosanchez says:

    I’d pet that pussy.

  15. larry5200 says:

    My cat uses her box but doesnt bury anything anymore.I have to clean up after her constantly.

  16. nwyk153 says:

    my kitten decided to play in her litter box and spill out all the litter on the floor. not fun waking up in the morning stepping on cat litter.

  17. ltahoe7195 says:

    LItter is expensive. TOILET TRAINING is the only way !!! simple and fast to do, everyone who owns cats must at least give it a try, if not you are throwing money away.

  18. MyLadygagalover123 says:

    My cat Macy uses her litter box often but she poops behind my parents living room couch. As a result of her pooping my parents are on the verge of giving her away. :( please help me!

  19. Jamesdavis2587e says:

    I have a cat, who is so cute that she often lives with me at night. I got a litter box for her from an eBay store named Accessory2go. The box is deeper than that in your video. It provides both privacy and cleanliness for her. I love it.

  20. buffyslayer30 says:

    Good stuff to know.

  21. Romeowasbleeding1 says:

    I have the same problem… cats are fucking disgusting

  22. molith1 says:

    cool08player i don’t have a kitten or cat but i’m gonna get a cat that’s why i’m watching

  23. cool08player says:

    i dont have a cat and im still watching this…

  24. TehLiquid says:

    my cat’s litter box problem is she wont stop covering it, she wont stop she is in the box for upto 5 mins each time scooping everything into a big pile and making it go on the floor, our box is big and we put enough litter in but she keeps scooping and wont stop untill we shoo her away

  25. TheMidnadarkness says:

    cats digs, pees, sniff then cover it

  26. screwopenborders says:

    my cats seem to not want to cover their poops, its nasty.

  27. br41ntr41n says:

    Toilet train them and no more litter or scooping ever. Easy to teach them and any cat can learn. Saves @ $3000 on litter over the course of a cat’s life.

    Cat Kitty Toilet Train dot Com

  28. SoftHeartConviction says:

    toxoplasmosis :( 

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