ADOPTED! Feline Rescue Association ~ Squirrel & Weasel

Squirrel and Weasel are 1 yr old Male brothers. Squirrel is a Blue Solid Male, and Weasel is a Brown Tabby. Both are extremely affectionate and good with other cats and children. Feline Rescue Association (FRA) is in need of Foster Homes in the Baltimore Metro Area! Our Foster Volunteers provide much needed socialization and love to felines that are looking for their forever homes. For more information, please visit: Foster families temporarily house and care for one or more cats or kittens. All you need to provide is a safe, clean and loving environment, plenty of TLC, and make sure the cat has a clean litter box and fresh food and water. We provide all the supplies (or reimburse you for supplies) We provide medical care (at our vets) Fosters are needed for adult cats, litters of kittens, feral kittens needing socialization, bottle babies, and nursing moms. You would foster the cat as long as you were comfortable or until the point of adoption. It would be helpful if you would allow visitations with potential adopters in your home but we can also arrange to do them elsewhere. You must be 18 or older. If you are not the homeowner or primary leaseholder we will need their permission. We strongly prefer that you have your own transportation.

2 Responses to “ADOPTED! Feline Rescue Association ~ Squirrel & Weasel”

  1. MsRandomnotes1 says:

    so cute and affectionate, really´╗┐ beautiful cats:)

  2. Mokey1111 says:

    Love adopted stories!´╗┐ Thumbs up!

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