6 week old kitten info?

Question by mrsperfect20: 6 week old kitten info?
we got this kitten yesterday she is 6 weeks old she pees she eats but she hasn’t pooped is this a normal moving thing? her tummy doesn’t feel hard or anything…oh and we tried the stimulation thing.
her moms milk dried up at 4weeks and she was starting to get mean with the kittens

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Answer by Celica D
It is obvious she is to young to be away from her mother at 6 weeks. Could be because she was not completely weaned before you took her and just kitten food might not be agreeing with her tummy. or she may not know where to go. She is most likely scared and unsure of things. You should call a vet and ask for advise.

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  1. nessa says:

    is she still with her mom. if so the mom eats the poop. if not she can be sick because they are not suppose to leave their mom until 8 weeks. if the mom is not there what are you feeding her? try moistening her food, make it soft. at petsmart or petco they sell puppy milk. you might have to bottle feed her for awhile. the milk should make her poop. if not you are going to have to take her to the vet becuase that can’t be good
    good luck and hope i helped

  2. Ocimom says:

    At 6 weeks old she is NOT ready to leave home. At that age she is still nursing. The ideal age is 10-12 weeks old to be mentally and physically ready for the new home.

    If you can, I’d return the kitten to its mother for a few weeks. All my 6 week old kittens were eating and peeing/pooping fine – because they stayed with mom and learned important lessons.

    Changes in food will drastically effect a kitten at that age.

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