4mnth-old kitten, diarrhea, been sick twice, only eating little?

Question by Lucy: 4mnth-old kitten, diarrhea, been sick twice, only eating little?
Hi everyone.

My four-month-old kitten has diarrhea, he’s been sick twice in the night and he’s only eating little. He’s drunk some water and some kitten milk, used his litter tray in both ways (diarrhea).
The thing about his eating started on Monday when he had his second
vaccination. Since then, he’s only been eating little, and he mostly eats out of people’s hands. I don’t think there is any problem with his drinking though.
He is acting normally, his normal playful self. He’s responding to the sound of his toys and he likes to play still. He likes to climb the curtains and go outside, so there’s nothing wrong with his personality. He doesn’t cry or meow when picked up, I’ve never heard him hiss.

I’d just like to know what might be wrong with him and if we have to take him to the vets.
Lucy, x
Oh, and he’s been sleeping normally, he likes to sleep in the sun or on my Dad’s leather chair :-) We’ve only just started letting him outside with a harness on, and he’s been eating alot of grass. :S
When he was sick, the vomit looked like his Go-Kitten cat food, with the milk nuggets. It looked like the milk nuggets.

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Answer by jjjennyr
He may not be as old as you think he is.. He is use the litter that is a good sign. Keep it simple feedings and little. He maybe getting to much to soon.

Vac. can give some animals the runs it last up to 2 to 3 days after that call your vet.

Don’t give him cold water that can put his litlle body into shock.

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2 Responses to “4mnth-old kitten, diarrhea, been sick twice, only eating little?”

  1. Sims2Player says:

    Sounds like he may have worms. They are very common in both kittens and puppies. I wouldn’t recommend buying any worm pills at the store though, get them from your vet.

    That’s what all my animals act like when they need to be wormed.

  2. svtybalt says:

    Hope your cat is feeling better. Most kittens have worms, the vet should be deworming the kitten with vaccines and worming medication can cause diarrhea. Vaccines will make some cats slightly sick. My one cat gets sick after every vaccination. Grass can make some cats vomit too. call the vet and see what he or she thinks. if kitten is being dewormed it might just take some time. As long as he isn’t acting letargic or sick, Don’t worry too much. There is a bacteria he could also pick up from soil in the yard especially if other stray cats are around. I’d reccomend not putting your indoor cat outside in a harness. Cats should be indoors. putting him outside opens a world of other problmes. indoor cats are healthier and live longer. Good luck.

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