4 Diabolos high: 2 weeks solid practise

I’ve decided to really put my time into learning four now that I really want it in my act. This is how far I have gotten over my two weeks of training. Before that I could barely start 4 high. My record is 28 catches but that was very flukey. This is the longest run caught on film. I might upload another video in another few weeks after I progress more. Sundia Suns and Sundia Carbon Handsticks. Filmed with Canon 500D and Opteka 6.5mm fisheye lens.
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24 Responses to “4 Diabolos high: 2 weeks solid practise”

  1. maddsstarr says:

    saww yooh last nite at the moscow circus in warrawong ;)  nice

  2. Mushi98 says:

    I’m sure you can do it longer now – so make a vid so we can know how much you can do it! :D

  3. Bu2ldogs says:

    Nice you are so cool =)

  4. JonzinhuDiabolo says:

    please, do a new video.

  5. spixiimacaw says:

    i went to the Moscow circus yesterday u were awesome!!

  6. SKBjugglingTipper says:

    looking great will.. looks like you get alot of time to practice now youre in the circus full-time :D

  7. KnLIt says:

    good will, keep it up :P

  8. markmichaelwong says:

    really cool!! gotta go and see it one day :)

  9. WillJuggles says:

    I’m staying as a permanent part of the show. :) So a while.

  10. jugglingjoe101 says:

    wow, nice one will!
    After only 2 weeks….
    how long are you staying with moscow?

  11. khalialex says:

    moscow circus is awesome!! You were awesome. i went to your last show in burnie!!

  12. diaboloXP says:


  13. unjongleur says:

    ahh the trapeze start on 4! good plan ;)

  14. M4TI45 says:


  15. thediaboloman says:


  16. JKxXxDIABOLOxXxJK says:

    O.o in only two weeks!

  17. Jammy7797 says:

    incredible! good luck

  18. pieterjan159 says:

    after only two weeks= incredible

  19. matyzzz333 says:

    :D :D 

  20. GotDiabolo09 says:

    really good

  21. arnar97 says:


  22. thomasnilsen62 says:


  23. aussiespeedstacker says:

    AWESOME Will!!!

  24. Bizzat01 says:

    Nice one

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