3 week old kittens wrestling at mealtime

At just over three weeks old feeding time is a bit of a scrum!
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26 Responses to “3 week old kittens wrestling at mealtime”

  1. AyamePanduh says:

    they all so cute

  2. MrRazorblade999 says:

    That was my daily dose of cats, now off to find my daily dose of titties.

  3. 14589sumedh says:

    count again

  4. lawlitachi says:

    1:03 – 1:40
    Why is that cat in the corner licking the floor of the bed?

  5. ATandFFS says:

    Omfg…The mother cat looks EXACTLY like my cat, who is also preggers!! :D I hope the kittens are as cute as these :3

  6. irllcd13 says:

    Wow 6? Must be one busy mom. Mine had 5 but two died.

  7. ryan33bttm says:

    I don’t have much faith in a cat’s mothering skills. We had a female cat who was very abusive toward her kittens… So much so that we had to find a new home for the mother and raise the kittens on our own, which was a worthwhile challenge. I believe that if you have a female cat that is pregnant, the best thing for the kittens is to take them away from the mother immediately after they are born and raise them yourself. I cringe every time I see an adult cat near kittens.

  8. MSET100 says:

    and only one tabby X3

  9. zoebewildered says:

    She gave birth to 6?? I have only seen 5 at most.

  10. lllllllllll10 says:

    Domestic cats can have any colored kittens.. mainly the color of the parents though.

  11. bluedragon5010 says:


  12. shyfox89 says:


  13. whygothic says:

    Wait, wait…an Arsenal FC kitty box? By George!!!

  14. MrPhoenis says:

    let me in! mom! she won’t let me in… mom!

  15. dbrance says:

    I feel that way about my children.

  16. Hakuri21 says:

    when I’m watching this video, i look at my cats and think why can’t you guys stay as cute you did when you were younger.

  17. Elvinauk says:

    How wonderful to see her washing them as they feed, just beautiful seeing a mother caring for her young like that :O).

  18. MBsLil1 says:

    it doesnt have to mean they came from diffrent mothers maybe it was a diffrent father because i have had kittens from diffrent father

  19. Iodess says:

    the kitten moving along the side looks like a hamster, did they all come from the same mother, one of them is striped

  20. Fairia says:

    Sweet little hungry litter. But the one on the right was almost left out if it kept cleaning its paw like that.

  21. BrielleDream says:

    awh ! how cute everyone go check out my updates of my new born kittens so far they are a week old ! check the videos out on my channel

  22. mmmbad says:


  23. HyperZeroFalcon says:


  24. TheOnlySez says:

    Momma cat: Kids…. they’re cute at first…. now look what happens. -_-’

    Kittens: We love you momma~! <3

  25. claire0rockz says:

    My kitty Harry looks like the mommy, there’s a video of him on my channel

  26. CatspepiLayell says:

    I propose cleaning out the actual cat litter holder. If it aromas it is a shame to suit your needs, the idea smells a whole lot worse on the feline, as well as to get purged

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