20120214 Mozes kittens starting to play and walk

Mozes kittens start to play and walk. The playing is still a sort of playfully pushing eachother about and yapping and biting but it gets more deliberate and sure does look like preparation for later. They sometimes seem to enjoy it but it is not always play only – of course it is a serious training of muscles, coordination but if I interpret their expressions correctly it is also a exercise in dealing with fear and learning how to give stance. Funny how, if some play, others can sit at a distance and gaaaaaze – or lay about and sleep and not notice anything. The litter consists of 4 males and 2 females (if you still trust me after judging Mozes a castrated tomcat….) and colourwise of 3 dark ones and 3 lighter ones. There is a dark and a ligth pussy cat. The lightest of the litter is the male with the zebra colouring and beautifull tommy. The two other light coloured are smaller than te rest but way more active, sleep less, fight more and in comparison with the rest can be very nasty about it; I saw the girl deliberately biting the balls of Fat Diederik while he was on his back – not nice! But as you can see in the movie they are aware of each others genitals. I found it rather amazing to see how they sniff and lick already. Try to remember how this was for us as children? (fyi – we did no sniffing or licking!) They say: when you meet someone you can forget a beard, or maybe add a pair of glasses but you will never ever forget if somebody was male or female. I agree
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Adoption form: 1: name 2:Gender 3: kitten # I DO NOT OWN SONG!
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16 Responses to “20120214 Mozes kittens starting to play and walk”

  1. MsLps2000 says:

    @ilovedovealot sorry taken

  2. MsLps2000 says:

    @Ravenpawrocks ok she’s yours

  3. MsLps2000 says:

    @Ravenpawrocks sorry 1 taken

  4. MsLps2000 says:

    @Ravenpawrocks taken sorry

  5. MsLps2000 says:

    @nightanddayyy paint

  6. ilovedovealot says:

    may i please have #4 i am gathering cats for my next animation, her name will be Tide

  7. nightanddayyy says:

    what do you use to make these?

  8. Ravenpawrocks says:

    Name: Tiger
    Gender: Female
    Kitten number: 5

  9. Ravenpawrocks says:

    Name: Mint
    Gender: female
    Kitten number: 3

  10. Ravenpawrocks says:

    Name: Ruby
    Gender: female
    Kitten number: 1

  11. MsLps2000 says:

    @Lpspinkkitty ok shes yours

  12. Lpspinkkitty says:


  13. MsLps2000 says:

    @SilverFurTheCat ok she is yours heve fun

  14. SilverFurTheCat says:

    1: Splash
    2: Girl
    3: Kitten #1

  15. MsLps2000 says:

    @INomOnToast1109 of cource. mira is now yours. have fun!

    thankz 4 adopting!

  16. INomOnToast1109 says:

    Can I have #2?
    Nane: Mira
    Kitten number: 2

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