19 week old kitten diarrhea and sickness?

Question by : 19 week old kitten diarrhea and sickness?

I have a male kitten who is just under 5 months old.
Since the day I got him he has had diarrhea. I took him to the vets several times and they suggested changing his food to a higher quality food which I have done.

A week ago I noticed he has bright red blood in the diarrhea and he was also sick a couple of times this morning.

The vet took a stool sample from him on Monday but said the results can take up to two weeks!

I am really concerned for him. He still runs around playing with his sister and seems happy, but then when he goes to the toilet he cries so much.

He also had watery eyes and a runny nose and sneezes all the time since we had him but this seemed to have stopped by itself a week ago.

He has tried antibiotics and also panacur

His sister (Not litter sister) had giardia and trichomonus fetus as a kitten but that was 8 months ago before I had this kitten, his other sister passed away from FIP in Feb this year. All cats are wormed and fed James Welloved turkey and rice dry food as recommended by the vet.

Any advice would be great

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Answer by David Parker
You really need to discuss your pets illness with a vet…

Any advice you get from non-trained personell could end up killing your pet…

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  1. realistic4ever says:

    Unfortunately, this could also be FIP, or the protozoa issue, or a dozen other things.

    A fecal float and smear are done immediately. What test are they doing with the feces that takes two weeks? Even a culture should only take several days at most- depending on what they are trying to grow out.

    Remind your vet of the protozoa issue his sister had and ask about starting your kitty on a medication like metronidazole (flagyl).

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