[1] Delicious – Emily’s True Love “Emily’s Place” Day 1 & 2: The Letter

Delicious’ 7th series “Emily’s True Love” is finally out! I really can’t wait to find out who really will be Emily’s sweetheart. I’m going to record as I play each level & upload them. Hopefully I get all Expert – fingers crossed (*_^) =Day 1&2: The Letter= In this episode, we’ll follow the first day of ‘Emily’s Place’ where we see a new character Patrick. Emily also receives a mysterious letter from 16 years ago, and her mom is too curious to give it to her right away… – Premium Edition, Normal Mode, HD
Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to “[1] Delicious – Emily’s True Love “Emily’s Place” Day 1 & 2: The Letter”

  1. joetoeb15 says:

    could you help me?
    did you already achieved the trofee ‘clean a dirty table just in time so that customers can sit’???
    its the chocolate under the big heart.
    i can’t seem to get it, i dont know how to time my cleaning….
    could u answer asap?

  2. KittenChippy says:

    Thank you so much (^o^) – it’s my first play but I’m thoroughly enjoying the game. Yes I’m hoping to achieve Experts on each level but let’s see how it goes!

  3. as79886 says:

    thanks for uploading u make top quality emily vids! hope u make all expert

  4. Koki1482 says:

    my own cat Boston can be deceased

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