♥ The Love Theme ♥ Hen & Remi (Hip Hop Remix)

★★★★★ Free Download @ www.thelovetheme.com ★★★★★ http It’s Old School Hip Hop versus The Internet AllStars, as drunken kittens tangle with yoga dogs, and sexy girls dance for creepy babies in this UFC cage match! Who needs milk when there’s Hennessy ??? www.dubstepmastering.com

19 Responses to “♥ The Love Theme ♥ Hen & Remi (Hip Hop Remix)”

  1. dubstepmastering says:


  2. kwerkface says:

    yayy ya!!! word to p lyve and all the man dem flossin’!!! drinking till the cup is empty. classic bass line toooooo. feelin’ it!!! bless

  3. PermanentDamageRcrds says:

    It’s true this is a free download - follow the link, nice slice of hip hop.

  4. bakeitshake says:


  5. bakeitshake says:


  6. thefumblejumble says:

    feeling this

  7. theforumful says:

    this is real hip hop music…..respect

  8. SuperSaiyanDylan says:

    Not Bad, dude! Pretty Dope.

  9. thelovethemetv says:

    @overseasconnect Philip Lewis

  10. mrmusic6000 says:

    hen and remi all day…………… sounds like  my weekend sound track
    ill tune… i had the liberty of hearing the original.. like the remix better

  11. davebrown49 says:


  12. barney2054 says:


  13. overseasconnect says:

    LMAO this video is hillarious totally cool.
    who’s doin the rapping sounds good

  14. bakeitshake says:

    this is banging….!!!!!!!!!

  15. overseasconnect says:

    yo this tune is a sure catcher……
    whos the rapper the lyrics are cool

  16. smokersblend says:


  17. PermanentDamageRcrds says:

    yoga dogs rule…………………!

  18. AzkaisAzka1670 says:

    Exactly why would the lady accomplish that thus depressing

  19. SummaryJohnnyLeeKittens says:

    the cat Trizzia went aside

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