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My Feline Leukemia Positive Cat stopped eating.?

Question by Ginni H: My Feline Leukemia Positive Cat stopped eating.?
I’ve had my cat for a little over 2 years now. She was tested positive for Feline Leukemia as a kitten. She’s been doing really great until recently. I took her to the vet for her rabies vaccination a little less than a week ago, and now she won’t even touch her food. She just hides under the bed all day, and drinks water.

I normally feed her all dry food, but I tried to switch to wet food because she wasnt eating. She seems to like the wet food, but will only drink the liquid. If she gets any solid, she’ll immediatly spit it out.

I’ve got a vet appointment scheduled, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do in order to get my best friend to eat again.
I do not have any other cats in my home.

Best answer:

Answer by Madison A
Hm, we had a cat positive for Feline Leukemia and she never did that. I’m not sure if it has something do to with the illness or not, but you are doing the right thing by taking her to the vet. Do you have any other cats? I only ask since it can spread to them easily.

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My kittens reaction when my dog sneezes

My cats where just messing around and I was bored so I recorded them and my dog sneezed and I thought my kitten reaction was hallarious
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Q&A: where can i get my kitten its shots for free?

Question by nightowl: where can i get my kitten its shots for free?
my friend informed me he got his kittens shots for free at a shelter but doesn’t recall where. help?

Best answer:

Answer by Ms Berry..<3
they have this thing every year at petsmart and its once yr i think and i got my cats shots for free from their, their was a really lonnnng line ppl take advantage of it although i dont know if ur from the united states or not but if u r call up petsmart and ask when their giving them

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Kitten Vs Fan – LOLCats

Kitten Vs Fan – LOLCats The epic battle begins! See more pwnd, ownd, fail, funny pictures and videos at www.epiclosers.com

pics of lync volan, prince hydron, and shadow prove to the song bad romance by lady gaga XD
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Scottish Fold kitten for life! Munchkin British Shorthair cat, cutest fold-eared kitty running

Happy birthday Basil Farrow! — www.lacarmina.com — The cutest Scottish Fold cat in the world. He’s forever a kitten, so don’t ask his age. Watch him run with his short munchkin legs and sideways paws… Drink water… Gently bat a toy mouse… Wahh and watch a party blowout… and take a towel-bath! You can tell he’s a sweetheart and loves to be hugged. *** See daily photos of my Scottish Fold baby on TWITTER: twitter.com *** Please visit BASIL’S BLOG! Scottish Fold kitty pictures: lacarmina.com *** Come friend him on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com *** Please subscribe to my channel: www.youtube.com For more cute cats, kawaii culture and Jpop fun, add La Carmina below. Feel free to contact me for inquiries, gigs, collaborations, endorsements, TV hosting, sponsorships etc. † LA CARMINA † Travel and fashion blogger, TV host / presenter, author, journalist. – URL – www.lacarmina.com – EMAIL – gothiccarmina {att} gmail – Twitter – http – Facebook – goo.gl

The middle kitten, Emelia Rose; probably the most affectionate kitten EVER. She’s roughly twelve days old, a veritable supernova of cuteness. She is one of three orphan kittens a friend brought to me to care for. More pictures are available at naamah-darling.livejournal.com/323537.html ETA: I realize that the baby-talk could probably land a mule in an insulin coma, but in all good humor, folks, this isn’t Masterpiece Theater. Feel free to submit videos of yourself reciting impromptu sestinas while fondling a similarly adorable kitten. Then I will be impressed. Oh, and, in case it bears repeating: orphan.
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